Images from the Best Of Issue — September-October 2021

Smith Island, MD
Photo by Jay Fleming
Waterman Lester “Lecky” Tyler fishes up soft crabs at his Rhodes Point crab shanty at dusk. After catching peeler crabs, watermen bring them back to their shanties, where they hold them in tanks, called floats, until they shed into soft crabs.

Holland Island, MD
Photo by Jay Fleming
Jay Fleming approaches the last house on Holland Island by kayak in April of 2010,

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Images from the Home & Design Issue — May-June 2021

Undisclosed Location
Photo by Krista Valliant
This may be one of the most secluded — and coolest — camping spots on the Eastern Shore.
The lucky adventurers in this image packed a generator, propane tanks, food to grill and plenty of water. “It’s coastal living at its finest and most simple,” one said. “Water in every direction,

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