Summer’s Peachy Delight

SoDel Concepts dessert master Dru Tevis shares a favorite recipe using fresh, locally sourced peaches
Recipe by Dru Tevis, SoDel Concepts  |  Photography by Pamela Aquilani
The smell of ripe peaches tells you it’s summer — and the Eastern Shore is abundant with sweet and tasty opportunities to transform ordinary recipes into mouthwatering, seasonal favorites. Dru Tevis,

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Shore to Please

Executive Chef Gregory James, of STARS Restaurant and the Inn at Perry Cabin, gives his take on a crabby classic
Recipe by Executive Chef Gregory James | Photography by Jill Jasuta
Throughout the course of my career, I have had the good fortune to live all over our great country. My most recent endeavor has led me to The Inn at Perry Cabin and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

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Ripe with Versatility

Take advantage of peaches’ summer abundance on the Eastern Shore by trying these deliciously simple recipes at home
Recipes by Ian Post   |   Photography by Grant L. Gursky
Grilled Peach Sliders
Ingredients1 large peach1 lb Kirby Holloway sage sausage1 Tbsp fresh thyme1 small goat-cheese log4 croissant buns1 Tbsp EVOOSalt and pepper (to taste)
InstructionsMix sausage with thyme,

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In the Spirit of Adventure

While produced in St. Michaels, Windon Distilling’s Lyon Rum has the attention of enthusiasts nationwide
Written by Joe Willey  |  Photography by Jill Jasuta
Drinking rum is like going on an adventure. Just saying the word conjures visions of wooden sailing ships, trade winds and the tropics. Rum is also a historic spirit made with a simple list of ingredients.

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