Images from The Macaron Issue — January-February 2020

Toddville, MD
Photo by Jay Fleming
Waterman breaking through the ice in a deadrise workboat to keep an opening in farm creek for access to oyster grounds in fishing bay.

Assateague Island, MD
Photo by Rolfe Hokanson
The famed ponies of Assateague reclaim their grounds each winter, roaming the scenic landscape with less intrusion from the throngs of vacationing summer tourists.

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Images from The Nutcracker Issue — November-December 2019

Annapolis, MD
Photo by Jay Fleming
It’s times like these we tend to wish for warmer weather, but there is a serene beauty associated with snow days such as these. This red barn adds dimension and perspective to the scene.

Crisfield, MD
Photo by Grant L. Gursky
The town’s holiday light display will soon illuminate its popular dock after a spectacular Eastern Shore sunset gives way to darkness.

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Images from The Oyster Issue — September-October 2019

Hog Island, VA
Photo by Jay Fleming
Faint light to the east from the forthcoming sunrise illuminates a starry sky behind the Broadwater Seafood oyster watch house. The watch house is located where an oyster and scallop shucking house was situated when the town of Broadwater on Hog Island was inhabited.

Love Point, MD
Photo by Jay Fleming
Waterman Sam Joiner empties his pound net at the mouth of the Chester River near Love Point.

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