Images from the Made on the Shore issue — May-June 2022

Milton, DE
Photo and Description by Pamela Aquilani
A dramatic squall makes its way across Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge. Spring storms often appear to come out of nowhere and can come with dramatic skies, which make for perfect photo opportunities.

Slaughter Beach, DE
Photo and Description by Tony Pratt
Delaware Bay was teeming with horseshoe crabs that come ashore in the spring to lay their eggs on the beach.

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Images from Our One Hundredth Issue — March-April 2022

Middle Island, DE
Photo and Description by Tony Pratt
Spring signals the return of many birds that will settle in on our marshes and shores for breeding season. I caught these egrets challenging each other for a roosting branch as a warm, late- spring sunrise started the day. Such is life in the rookery.         

Oxford, MD
Photo and Description by Jill Jasuta
At Enie and Muriel Throop’s waterfront home in Oxford overlooking Goldsborough Creek (off of the Tred Avon River),

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Images from the New Year, New Pursuits Issue — January-February 2022

Lewes, DE
Photo and Description by Tony Pratt
The beauty of our coastal region is not confined to warm, summer months. Winter brings a stark beauty all its own. Brutally cold temperatures formed icicles on the rocks of a jetty at Cape Henlopen State Park following a high-tide wave-splash. Catching the rising sun from within the jetty rocks at Herring Point was a unique and beautiful scene.

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