Legends of the Land

On the Eastern Shore of Virginia, the historic Brownsville Plantation home now stands as the gateway to the longest expanse of coastal wilderness remaining on the East Coast
Story by Ian Post  |  Photo by Gordon Campbell / At Altitude 
Brownsville-by-the-SeaJust east of Nassawadox, in Northampton County, VA, a 200-year-old home known as Brownsville stands on the Brownsville Preserve,

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Master of Ceremonies

With the untimely passing of Wayne Cannon,
”The voice of ocean city,” and one of the resort’s biggest promoters, a lasting legacy is left
Story by Brian Shane  |  Photo by Grant L. Gursky
On April 19, the Eastern Shore bid a wistful farewell to one of its favorite sons, Wayne Cannon, who succumbed following a battle with pulmonary fibrosis.

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Skill, Determination and Grace

Alone, pregnant and lost, Christina Majeski returned home to Berlin and discovered compassion, resources and a support network at The Grace Center
Story by Olivia Minzola  |  Photo by Grant L. Gursky
When Christina Majeski learned she was pregnant at the age of 20, she had very few people to turn to. Only later in her pregnancy would she come to discover the Grace Center for Maternal and Women’s Health,

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Adrenaline Rush!

Chris Derbak, Max Sivohins and Ben Harris provide Instagram moments of a lifetime at Skydive Chesapeake
Written by Katie Riley   |   Photography courtesy Skydive Chesapeake 
Twelve-thousand feet above sea level on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, it’s just another day at the office for Chris Derbak. The military veteran and owner of Skydive Chesapeake is gearing up for his 8,000th jump.

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