Animal Planet

Berlin artist Lynne Lockhart uses her love of animals and the Eastern Shore to create unique works of art for all to enjoy.
Written by Alison Pappas
Lynne Lockhart spent her childhood in Dorchester County, and like most successful artists, she started exploring art through drawing and painting at a young age. She graduated with dual degrees in biology and art from Salisbury University before settling down in Worcester County.

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Greener Pastures

Garvey Heiderman and his company, Ocean Compost LLC, are networking with resort leaders to ensure a more sustainable future for Ocean City

Written by Kristen Hampshire  |  Photography by Grant L. Gursky
Composting food waste is one proactive step toward preserving the coastal environment while diverting recyclables from a Pennsylvania incinerator to which Ocean City transports trash for its waste-to-energy operation.

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The Power of Teamwork

As a truly independent investment firm, Mitchell and Hastings Financial Services provides dedicated service to its clients across the Eastern Shore with integrity, autonomy and trust
Steven Sweigert, Andrea Hastings and Phyllis Mitchell have more than 75 years of combined wealth management industry experience.
Mitchell and Hastings Financial Services, an independent financial planning and investment firm,

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Sign of the Times

Artist Kevin Davidson’s work pays tribute to a style and an era that invokes nostalgia. Avid fans can’t get enough of his creations
Written by Joe Willey  |  Photography by Jill Jasuta
Many may think of art as delicate works behind glass, ringed by gilt frames. Others envision immobile blocks of marble standing in a sterile,

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