1. Ask For Support On Your Website: We’ve created nomination-specific banner ads that you can use on your website. Be sure to place one in a prominent position so your customers see it, and then link back to so they can easily access the ballot.

  2. Send Reminders Socially: Remember to post regularly on your social media accounts, asking your followers to vote for your business.
    Use our complimentary social media graphics below from our Toolkit to associate Best Of 2024 with your posts.
    We also encourage you to include this link, which connects directly to the ballot:
  1. Repeat: Send at least three emails to your database.
  1. Tell Them Which Categories Are Important To You: Let your customers know which categories you want to be nominated in.

    Again, make it a priority to ask your customers to vote for you.

  2. Let Us Help: Use our downloadable graphics (below). They are pre-formatted and labeled for the appropriate platform.
    (By using our ads and logos, you agree: They may not be altered in any way, such as adding your logo or additional wording).

Note: Coastal Style’s Best Of 2024 logo may not be manipulated in any fashion. 

Downloadable banners

Click on each image to view the full-sized image. Then right-click on each image to save to your device.



Businesses can stand out during the Best Of 2024 Nomination Round (February) and Finals Round (May).


We’ve compiled a series of commonly asked questions and answers to help make your nomination experience the very best possible. Should you have additional questions, please email:

The nomination round is the first phase of Best Of 2024. It takes place February 1-29. This round determines which nominees advance to the voting round in May.


The top 5 nominees from the nomination round will advance to the voting round. The voting round will take place from May 1-31, 2024.


During the nomination period, readers will nominate their favorite people, places, businesses and organizations in various categories. Readers are invited to nominate once per category, per day February 1-29. Eligibility is restricted to locally owned businesses and individuals.

The top 5 nominees (if applicable) in each category will advance as finalists to the voting round in May.

Readers are invited to vote one time per category per email address. This is to maintain the integrity of the readers’ poll and prevent ballot stuffing.

The nomination ballot can be found on our website:
Nominate your business by entering it in an applicable category and complete the registration form. You’ll then be officially nominated! After that step, you can continue nominating your business and other favorites in applicable categories. Don’t forget to download our social media icons from our Toolkit to promote nominations for your business on your social channels.

One of the issues we have each year is contacting every business that is nominated. With over 240 nomination categories in 5 counties, thousands of businesses are nominated. This information will allow us to contact those who advance to the voting round.

Absolutely not. Registration is free and the information you provide is only for our internal use. We require registration to help us contact businesses to notify them if they are nominated and if they have won.

There are multiple options to promote your business on the nomination round ballot. Please visit our Promotional Opportunities page for more information.

To promote nominations of your business and social media and beyond, please visit our Toolkit for additional resources.

We have created a number of promotional graphics to help you promote nominations with your supporters. The Best Of 2024 nomination icons can be found in our Toolkit. Please note that these graphics cannot be manipulated in any way. Doing so will result in your disqualification from Best Of 2024.

You may return daily during February to cast nominations. Only one email per user is permitted.

Our publishers reserve the right to eliminate nominations that don’t fully represent the category or the standards of Coastal Style. We also will eliminate businesses that attempt to fraudulently cast nominations or votes. Anyone found to have altered Best Of 2024 graphics, icons or logos will be disqualified. Finally, if a person/business fails to respond to our attempts to contact them for further information concerning their nomination, they may be disqualified.

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2024 Important Dates

Best Of Nomination Round:
February 1-29

Finalists Notified:

Best Of Voting Round:
May 1-31

Winners Notified:

Winners Announced:
September 1  (Online)

Best Of 2024 Party:
November 1