Fighting Irish: Denny Mogan

Upon reaching the summit of his career, with life at its best, Salisbury’s Denny Mogan receives unimaginable news
Written by Jonathan WestmanPhotography courtesy The Mogans

May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be
yours, wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your
world with joy that long endures.

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Fighting Irish: Kateryna Mogan

Confronted with the unfathomable, Kateryna Mogan talks openly about her family, faith and legacy of her husband
Denny in light of his ALS diagnosis
Interview by Jonathan WestmanPhotography courtesy The Mogans
How did you and Denny meet, and was it love at first sight? What was it about him that drew your interest?Denny and I first met in early summer of 2005 in Ocean City.

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Fighting Irish: Brad Mogan

Denny Mogan’s younger brother Brad shares stories from their youth, his emotions learning of Denny’s ALS diagnosis and
why he’d trade places with him if he could
Interview by Jonathan WestmanPhotography by Grant L. Gursky
JW: What was it like growing up with Denny? Who’s older, and have you always been close? Do you have other siblings?BM: Denny is my older brother.

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Fighting Irish: Chef David Wells

In charge of Mogan’s Oyster House’s award-winning culinary creations,
David Wells discusses life at the restaurant during a pandemic without its leader, Denny Mogan
Interview by Jonathan WestmanPhotography by Grant L. Gursky
What’s your background in the restaurant industry?My parents had a restaurant while I was growing up, so I began washing dishes at age 12 and eventually did some line-cook work in high school.

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