How To Achieve Your Best Smile

A Q&A with Dr. James Crouse of The Brace Place
Q: How do I know if my child needs braces? What signs should I look for?A: The simplest way to see if your child needs braces is to take them to the orthodontist for an examination. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children be seen for an initial evaluation at the age of 7.

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The Power of Solar Energy

Green Street Solar installed more than 100 systems on the Eastern Shore in 2019 — and harnessed real savings for their clients
Story by Victor Fernandes
John and Susan Bramer set their thermostat to 67 degrees and remain diligent about turning lights off when leaving rooms in their 4,000-square-foot Rehoboth Beach home. But they have used valuable outside help to reduce their monthly electric bill from $300 to nothing in just six months.

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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Following the passing of her mother and sister, Susan Eubank fulfilled a dream by completely renovating her family’s Bethany Beach cottage — while preserving of lifetime of memories
Story by Alison Clary       Photos by Svetlana Leahy
After her mother and sister passed away two years ago, Susan Eubank decided she wanted to make her mother’s transformation dreams for their family’s beloved Bethany Beach cottage a reality as a tribute to them both.

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Winter Weather Advisory

Dr. Sara Moghaddam shares her checklist to ensure your skin is protected from the elements
There are many things to look forward to this winter season, but winter’s dramatically dry air is not one of them. Did you know that dryness of your skin can cause itching, eczema and worsening of existing skin conditions? Be prepared this season and
fight back!

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