Images from our January-February 2023 issue

Indian River Inlet, DE

Photo and description by Pamela Aquilani

Waking up hours before sunrise and venturing out for a photo opportunity is not for everyone. Leaving the warmth of my bed to jump into my cold car and stand on icy rocks in the frigid air that February morning would have many questioning my thought process. Checking the weather the evening before, I suspected the morning pictured here was going to be wind-free and partly cloudy, which can be perfect for photographs. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the clouds would create an almost perfect heart over the Indian River Inlet Bridge just a week before Valentine’s Day.

Milton, DE

Photo and description by Pamela Aquilani

Heavy, tree-covering, long-lasting snow in Southern Delaware has become a rarity. Not being from Delaware, I have heard stories of frozen ponds perfect for ice-skating and snow deep enough to enjoy sledding for days. As the planet continues to warm, and the winter weather in Delaware becomes more like our friends to the south, Itake great delight when the opportunity to photograph a wintery day like this materializes.

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