There’s No Place I’d Rather Be

Portrait by Tony Weeg
For Matt Smart, a registered nurse in the Emergency Department at TidalHealth Peninsula Regional, coming to work is never a chore. 
“I always feel supported, and I’m always excited to come to work,” he said. 
Smart accepted his position with TidalHealth at the height of the pandemic, and he said there’s no place he’d rather be.  

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One Little Button Saves Lives

TidalHealth offers Lifeline, a 24-hour personal emergency monitoring service for folks who are at risk of a fall or who have chronic health conditions
Bev Stoakley believes in the product she sells. 
As the Lifeline Manager for TidalHealth, she makes sure patients have the necessary equipment to keep them safe in their homes upon discharge from the hospital.

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Minor Injuries can be Treated at Home

There’s no place like home, but accidents can happen no matter where you are. Here are some of the most common home injuries, and advice on how to treat them.
Written by Mark Ryan, NP
Burns. Burns in the home occur most frequently in the kitchen. If you experience a minor burn, first cool the area with cool — not icy — water,

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