Minor Injuries can be Treated at Home

There’s no place like home, but accidents can happen no matter where you are. Here are some of the most common home injuries, and advice on how to treat them.
Written by Mark Ryan, NP
Burns. Burns in the home occur most frequently in the kitchen. If you experience a minor burn, first cool the area with cool — not icy — water,

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Keep Your Little Ones Safe

Child-Proof Your Home
Written by Tammy Donoway, DO
The safety of children in the home is the No. 1 priority for parents. Visits to the primary care provider are an excellent opportunity to discuss home hazards, which aren’t only a concern in the child’s home but also when visiting relatives and friends.
Sharp objects should be kept in a safe location that is out of reach.

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When Every Minute Counts

TidalHealth helipads save lives when tragedy strikes
A voice comes across the radio and it’s showtime.
SYSCOMM: Trooper 4 inbound, ETA 10 minutes.
Anthony Tull, Captain of TidalHealth’s Special Police, weaves through the hallways making his way to the Layfield Tower helipad. He secures an elevator and instructs the switchboard to page the trauma team.
Throughout his 33-year career,

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A Gift of Healing

Richard A. Henson Foundation helps bring state-of-the-art care to Delmarva
Richard A. Henson was born to fly — and give wings to important health and community initiatives through the success he found through flight.
Cancer, heart disease, COVID-19 — whatever patients at TidalHealth are facing, it’s likely their care is in some way made possible by the generous donations of the Richard A.

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