Gather ’Round


Beachcombers, rejoice! The 2020 International Beachcombers Conference (IBC) is coming March 23-29 to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Philip Merrill Center, outside of Annapolis.

The 7-day, 6-night event features expeditions to different beaches, museum visits, tutorials, films, small discussion groups and tech/arts workshops, all of which are led by anthropologists, geologists, marine scientists, historians, artists and experienced beachcombers. Participants have ample opportunity to expand their beachcombing know-how, as well as partake in activities designed to provide a broader view of factors affecting where and how to beachcomb; why certain things appear on certain shorelines; and what tricks to employ to determine the age and/or origin of beach finds.

The conference is geared to consummate and novice beachcombers alike who are fascinated by the stories, science and history behind things they find on the shore. The conference also allows participants to explore new beaches, expand their beachcomber networks, deepen their understanding of coastal conservation issues and learn more about the region in which the conference is held. Annapolis lies in the heart of one of the most extraordinary beachcombing regions in North America.

As of late-February, four spots were still available to attend the conference. For more information, visit

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