Stepping Out

You may have heard the guidance that walking 10,000 steps per day will keep the doctor away and the weight off. Where did this advice come from, and is its effectiveness true?
Story by Nicole Davis  
This magic number originated from a marketing campaign that ran right before the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, when a Japanese company started selling a pedometer called the Manpo-kei,

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Staying Safe in the Sun

Sunscreen is an important part of a complete sun protection strategy, but that alone isn’t enough to keep you covered

Story by Nicole Davis  
With summertime comes plenty of hours outdoors, enjoying the milder temperatures, with the shining sun and sparkling water. And while time in Mother Nature is good for the soul, too much sun exposure can cause harm. 

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Pilates Power

Kelly Roberts is enhancing the lives of her clients at Beach Pilates & Wellness Studio in Bethany Beach
Story by Sylvia Blair  |  Photography by Sarah Murray
Kelly Roberts inspires and encourages people to achieve the mind-body-spirit connection that they desire in order to thrive in life. The owner of Beach Pilates & Wellness Studio in Bethany Beach specializes in Pilates — a type of training that uses resistance and assistance by focusing on functional movement and low-impact exercises while incorporating a full-body workout.

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Surgical Precision

Dr. Diana Dickson-Witmer, preeminent breast surgeon, joins Beebe; is accepting patients
The patient is us. That’s what Diana Dickson-Witmer, MD, FACS, wants you to know. 
“Throughout my career, one of the things I have always tried hard to keep in mind is that the patient is us. We, the providers, are going to be in the same position,

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