Breaking Through Barriers

What Burning Out Taught Me About Prioritizing My Work and Life
Written by Carson Tate
It was December 26, the day after Christmas, 10 days after my daughter’s first birthday. I was sitting on the floor, coiling Christmas lights, when I tried to stand up. Almost immediately, I sunk back down to the floor.
I was tired,

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The Wonder of Essential Oils

Written by Joyce Murphy

Erin Shivone
Here it is, 2021 — it is a season of fresh beginnings!
It’s time to try something new, yet rooted in ancient history, when the passion for essential oils (EOs) began. From scrappy, weatherworn plants on Mediterranean hills to trees far out in the Pacific, these oils have traveled far and wide.

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A New Normal

Working mothers can find a healthy balance of peace and purpose by practicing minimalism
Written by Alexandra Keegan
Like many people, I spend a good deal of my time doing things I think I “should” do, whether or not they are important to me. I should wear makeup every day; I should do the dishes before I go to bed.

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Leading By Example During a Pandemic

The team at Your Doc’s In urgent-care clinics have answered the call of duty
during the COVID-19 crisis
Photography by Grant L. Gursky
Dr. Walter D. Gianelle, an experienced ER physician and former pararescue team member in the United States Air Force, has been working along the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic since the virus’s arrival on the Eastern Shore last spring.

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