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Access, Care and Expanding Services: Building a Pediatrics Department Dedicated to Family Needs.

When Dr. Maria Childers-Reed first opened her pediatric practice under the banner of Aspira Health (now Atracare), she never imagined that her team would grow to four providers and five medical assistants so quickly. Her primary focus was always to provide the best care possible to as many children as she could help, but as her reputation spread, demand has continued to grow, and so has her team.

Now in her second year of operations, Dr. Childers-Reed has doubled down on her commitment to patients by working to bring ancillary services, like lactation consulting, mental health and postpartum depression, to families because she believes that “patients need a central home for medical services that allows them to understand and control their well-being,” said Dr. Childers-Reed. “Patients tell us that they appreciate how easy it is to get seen, and they leave our office with a sense of relief after having their questions answered. The satisfaction our patients get from their care is what drives my perennial passion for medicine.”

Dr. Childers-Reed also noted that she is looking forward to the expertise that her two newest nurse practitioners will bring to the team when Jaclyn Lewis, FNP-BC, and Kimberly Emerick, FNP-BC, join her and Dr. Katherine Lewis at their Lewes location this fall.


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