TidalHealth Special Promotion: What can I expect during a primary care visit?

There are three main types of primary care visits: A preventive visit such as an annual physical, Medicare wellness, or well-child appointment; a routine follow-up visit to address chronic medical conditions; and an acute or sick visit. It is important to know what type of visit you are scheduled for so you can plan — and you should always bring your insurance cards to each appointment.

Written by Danielle Giddins, MD

Benefits of preventative visits
A preventative visit is for focusing on general health and wellness. You should bring any forms required by your employer or insurance company to this appointment. Typically, this visit is covered 100 percent by your insurance company and is meant to help address your lifestyle and any changes that are needed for a healthier life, as well as order all appropriate testing and screenings. It is helpful to think about any areas of your lifestyle that could be improved prior to this visit. And you should be asking about your risk of serious medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. If there are any significant findings or concerns discovered during this visit, often a follow-up visit will be needed to address these issues in more detail.

Routine follow-up appointments
During a routine follow-up visit, you and your provider typically review how you are feeling, and how your chronic health conditions are affecting you, along with a review of your medications and possibly any testing that has been completed prior. It is best to complete any ordered lab work so you can discuss any pertinent findings face-to-face. In addition, any interim specialist consults completed, hospitalizations, ER, or urgent care visits are noted.

Sick visits
Lastly, during sick or acute visits, only one or two important or urgent concerns should be addressed. Writing down your questions will help you get the most out of your medical appointments.

Find a primary care provider
If you need a primary care provider, TidalHealth has providers in locations throughout Delmarva, some of whom are even available without leaving your home. For a list of providers with immediate openings, visit tidalhealth.org/schedule today.

Danielle Giddins, MD

Dr. Danielle Giddins sees patients at TidalHealth
Primary Care in Millsboro. To make an appointment, call
302-732-8400 or visit tidalhealth.org/schedule.

Get the care you need when it matters most

At TidalHealth, our team of experienced, patient-focused providers are committed to giving you the comprehensive individualized healthcare you deserve. We specialize in preventative visits, chronic illness management, and a wide range of medical services tailored to fit your specific needs.

Come experience the difference at TidalHealth. We believe in delivering quality medical care backed by personalized attention and trust. Accepting new patients now. While the TidalHealth office closest to you may not appear on this list, there still may be availability. Please call your practice of choice or visit tidalhealth.org/primarycare.

TidalHealth Primary Care locations

Providers at the following locations have appointments available in the next four weeks:

38552 Sussex Highway
Unit 101
Delmar, DE
Khalil Gorgui, MD (ages 18+)
Faith Lauer, NP (ages 12+) 

503 W. Market St.
Georgetown, DE
Kathy Melvin, NP (ages 0+)
Audrey Ormberg, MD (ages 0+)
Maritza Parreno, MD (ages 18+)

30549 Sussex Highway
Laurel, DE
Mary Beth Dickerson, NP (ages 16+)
Conor McLaughlin, NP (ages 12+)

30265 Commerce Drive
Suite 206 & 207
Millsboro, DE
Lisa Hohl, NP (ages 0+)
Alexandra McDermott, NP (ages 0+)

9950 Main St.
Berlin, MD
Megan Karin Tyndall, NP
(ages 5+)

201 Hall Highway
Crisfield, MD
Michael Atkins, MD (ages 17+)

3304 Hayman Drive
Federalsburg, MD
Tiarra Jones-Bbosa, NP (ages 13+)

Ocean Pines
11101 Cathage Road
Suite 102
Berlin, MD
Kristen Abbott, NP (ages 0+)

305 10TH St.
Pocomoke City, MD
Natalie Parks, NP (ages 5+)

1639 Woodbrooke Drive
Salisbury, MD
Neil Basumallik, MD (ages 18+)
Kirsten Bowie, NP (pediatrics)
Jason Coleman, MD (pediatrics)
Deepa Manimegalan, MD (pediatrics)

TidalHealth Community Clinic
145 E. Carroll St.
Salisbury, MD
(ages 18+)

Your child deserves the best

Schedule today with TidalHealth Pediatrics

At TidalHealth, providers are committed to offering the highest level of care to patients of all ages. That’s why the health system is pleased to announce the opening of TidalHealth Pediatrics.

With a focus on infants, children, and adolescents, Dr. Deepa Manimegalan, Dr. Jason Coleman and Kirsten Bowie, MSN, CPNP-PC, offer dedicated care to the youngest patients.

These providers are part of the TidalHealth team of pediatric physicians and will be working alongside pediatric subspecialists and healthcare providers to ensure the best possible continuum of care for children.

Parents can look forward to receiving support throughout their child’s growth and development, as providers work closely with them to help them understand their child’s healthcare needs, including immunizations and regular check-ups.

They are trained in diagnosing and treating a wide range of childhood illnesses and diseases, from asthma and allergies to infectious diseases, developmental disorders, and more. They are also skilled in monitoring and promoting the physical, emotional, and social well-being of children.

When your child is sick, waiting for a medical appointment can cause anxiety and stress. TidalHealth pediatricians understand the urgency of such situations, offering a lifeline to worried parents.

Whether it’s a sudden fever, a troubling cough, or another pediatric ailment, you’ll be able to see a provider when you need them most. Visit tidalhealth.org/schedule-peds or call 410-912-5785 today!

Kirsten Bowie, MSN, CPNP-PC

Jason Coleman, MD

Deepa Manimegalan, MD


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When it comes to your orthopedic care, experience is everything.

TidalHealth’s Dr. William Doran has performed more than 1,000 MAKO robotic surgeries, using the most advanced technology to deliver precise and personalized treatment.

Whether you’re seeking relief from joint pain, considering joint replacement, or exploring orthopedic solutions, trust the experience of TidalHealth Orthopedics. The first step to healing starts here.

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