Success Story: Provider Enterprise To Improve Care

Dr. Karin DiBari with members of her clinical team

Peninsula Regional Health System (PRHS) continues to invest in the health of its community with the development of a provider enterprise that aims to improve care and retain skilled clinicians.

Dr. Karin DiBari, an OB/GYN specialist by training who has been selected to lead the health system’s medical group, is tasked with developing the new provider enterprise. Scheduled to launch July 1, 2020, she said the goal is to create a structure that allows clinicians to thrive, develop their skills and provide great care. 

“Our doctors work both in the walls of the hospital and they work in the office setting,” said DiBari, MD, MMM, FACOG and Vice President of Peninsula Regional Medical Group. “When the medical group is under the hospital, it puts undue constraints on the ambulatory side of the practice. By creating an independent medical group, we can better respond to the needs of the community.”

The enterprise will focus on the physician-patient relationship, and since all PRHS practices use Epic, Peninsula Regional Medical Center’s (PRMC) electronic medical record, patients will have better connectivity with their clinical data.

Dr. DiBari said many health systems have implemented a provider enterprise model in response to the rapidly evolving healthcare industry. 

The new PRHS enterprise will include more than 265 primary and specialty care providers in more than 30 locations throughout the region.


The new provider enterprise aims to recruit the best doctors and offer new and expanding services with a focus on patient-centered care. Specialties include trauma, heart, cancer care, neurosciences, OB/GYN, weight loss, robotic surgery, family medicine and more.

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