Word Is Out

Mickie Meinhardt returns to Ocean City after more than a decade in The Big Apple — and brings big-city flair to The Buzzed Word

Written by Alison Pappas  |  Photography by Grant L. Gursky

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding one of Ocean City’s newest hotspots. Nestled in the bayside shopping center on 118th street, The Buzzed Word combines the social atmosphere of a wine-bar with the charm of a cozy bookstore. The unique concept is the creation of Mickie Meinhardt, a former copywriter who spent 12 years working in New York City before returning to her Ocean City roots last fall. Having managed many successful literary events that featured wine-and-food pairings during her time in the Big Apple, she saw the value in introducing a place where the local Shore community could come together to grow their knowledge and appreciation for both wine and literature. 

When designing the interior, Mickie pulled little bits of inspiration from bars and shops she cherished in the past and applied an overarching Art Deco theme. At the front hangs an Insta-worthy neon sign/logo above a snug mustard couch. The sidewalls are lined with shelves neatly stocked with a diverse, approachable collection of wine bottles and books. There is also an edgy 14-seater wine bar with a burgundy-velvet underside. 

A wine enthusiast herself, Mickie curated a personal selection of natural wines, and she gladly extends her knowledge to guests seeking recommendations or further insight. While the core of the inventory comprises Spanish and Portuguese wines, regions all over the world are represented, and many of the options are not available within hundreds of miles. Additionally, the by-the-glass choices vary daily, so there are always new tastes for guests to explore. The delectable food menu features small plates, such as charcuterie and caviar, which traditionally pair well with wine.

Per Mickie, the heart of The Buzzed Word is education and building trust with the community. Every other Sunday, the store hosts tasting classes that guide attendees through specific wine regions or styles. Beginning in January 2022, The Buzzed Word will also host live music and other events. CS

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