Wee Little Singers

Nurturing Development Through Musical Experiences

Wee Little Singers is an early-childhood educational music program that allows parent and child to interact through the use of folk music, rhythm instruments, books to music, dance and many other educational activities. While bonding, children develop musical tools to nurture their independence, language, social, motor, cognitive and musical skills.

Tiffany Miller founded Wee Little Singers in 2007 out of need when she couldn’t locate a creative music program to hold her 2-year-old son’s attention. A graduate of Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree in music therapy, Miller combined her knowledge of music, child development and play to create Wee Little Singers. Thirteen years later, it continues to positively enrich so many children across the Shore through its magical musical experiences.

A child’s most formative years musically are from birth to age 3. Wee Little Singers helps to develop these musical skills, as well as stimulate the brain’s interconnections between the right and left hemispheres. This is accomplished through the simplicity of singing, playing instruments, dancing and storytelling. For Tiffany, Wee Little Singers was what she was put on this earth to do. 

“I absolutely adore children, and it is such a rewarding experience to watch students gain educational growth through the use of music,” Miller said.

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