Waves of Flavor

The consistent popularity of Woody’s Dewey Beach Bar & Grill has owner Jimmy O’Conor riding high

Written by  Alison Pappas  |  Photography by Pamela Aquilani

With so many surf spots across Delmarva, there is always a wave to ride. At Woody’s Dewey Beach Bar & Grill, a wide-ranging menu ensures there is always a flavor adventure to experience.

“We are a family-friendly restaurant that serves fresh, consistent food,” said owner Jimmy O’Conor.

When Woody’s first opened its doors, the local community immediately embraced the new surf themed restaurant. On the other end, Woody’s extensive menu has consistently welcomed just about every palate.

The menu items are a collection of different foods that owner Jimmy O’Conor has picked up throughout a 25-year career in the restaurant industry. In particular, the colossal crab cakes have become notorious among locals and visitors alike likely a testament to Jimmy’s Baltimore roots.

Woody’s specializes in creative spins on classic Eastern Shore fare, including more than 20 different sandwich selections.

The appetizer selection includes gnarly spins on Eastern Shore favorites, including the Crabby Tots, which are crispy tots topped with Dewey’s best crab dip and three types of melted shredded cheeses.

The 20-plus sandwich options include bar favorites, like cheesesteaks and burgers, as well as cultured creations, like the lobster roll. A fun choice is the Dewey Dunker, which is a thinly sliced pit beef served on a toasted Brioche bun dunked in its own au jus. As the menu points out, you may want to have a knife and fork handy if you order the Dewey Dunker!

Every great meal pairs well with a tasty drink – and Woody’s drink selection has plenty of options, from its famous crushes (available in classic orange, as well as grapefruit, lemon, lime, bourbon and tequila) to other libations, including draft beers and wine.

Surfing culture is a consistent theme throughout Woody’s – from the iconic surf-wagon logo to the surfboard decor sprinkled throughout the cozy establishment.

Woody’s is pet-friendly and open yearround. Consistency is the motto, which ensures diners can expect the same quality food and superior service every time.

“Someone once asked me why I was open on a Tuesday in the middle of winter, and I told them that I never wanted people to wonder if Woody’s was open,” said Jimmy. CS

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