There’s Nothing Quite Like Napa

Despite the pandemic, people are vacationing and doing so safely. Accent On Travel’s Annette Stellhorn offers luxury options to experience this fall

When I was asked initially to design and manage biking trips, I had two concerns: How far could anyone possibly ride a bike after a wine tasting, and was there a spa or shopping nearby for those who did not want to bike 25 miles (give or take) on any given day? When I found out electric bikes would solve both of those issues, I was hooked.    

As a lifetime, avid world traveler and 30-plus-year professional travel expert, designing amazing African safaris and mind-blowing private-jet journeys around the globe get me as excited as finding a new favorite wine.
But, like many of you travel addicts, my wings have been clipped this year. These days, instead of jetting off somewhere, I suggest slowing it down and enjoying travel at a slower pace — your pace.   

Active adventure trips these days often include bike touring, heli-hiking, rafting or kayaking, and good old walking — the point is to get out and about as the sun shines on your relaxed and smiling face. 

Sedona, Arizona

Active adventure trips have one thing in common: You are outdoors every day, taking in some of the most amazing destinations in the world (but for 2020, the U.S. and Canada). The day’s activity could be as active as bike touring (again, electric bikes available), heli-hiking, walking, kayak/rafting or a mix of several of these. It might include an afternoon in Napa’s wineries, Sedona’s famous spas or along Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail. Each journey features and includes locally sourced meals and refreshments, all necessary gear, guides and accommodations. With over 26 preplanned, fully hosted itineraries at my fingertips within the U.S. and Canada,
we have a wide variety of options to start with, giving you a convenient and accessible vacation. There is nothing better than the I-am-on-vacation rush that happens when your professional guide reminds you, “I’ll take care of that.” For me, that is what true luxury is about, whether your home for the night is a luxury tent, a premier resort or a six-star hotel. 

Situated along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Woodford Reserve is, for many U.S. travelers, just what the doctor ordered as the prescription for an unforgettable vacation. 

Right now, your family might be tired of their staycation, or maybe it is time to reconnect with your loved one (sometimes that might mean just you). Regardless of how many of you are traveling, this great vacation option can be private; you can join a small (average of 16) group of like-minded travelers; or have my help chartering an entire hotel, small ship or a private jet and spend a few days this year getting away from it all.


Annette Stellhorn

Editor’s note: Annette Nero Stellhorn is owner of Accent on Travel, an award-winning travel agency boasting 10 full-time travel advisors who, in combination, have traveled to over 128 countries. Accent on Travel has locations in Rehoboth Beach, Wilmington and Towson, Md. Annette and her husband, Rick Stellhorn, have been traveling the world for the past 30 years and bring a wealth of knowledge to the travel industry, their staff and clients. Appointments are highly recommended for consultations and travel planning.