The Faces of Quality, Affordable Care

Dr. Michael Tilghman and Dr. Carrie Schwartz

Photo by Grant L. Gursky


Tilghman Orthodontics is known for providing high-quality orthodontic care and innovative, cost-effective solutions for creating beautiful smiles.

A little over a year ago, Tilghman Orthodontics began offering its patients a treatment option that provides healthy smiles at more affordable prices. It’s called Smiles Correct, and it has been successful for hundreds of patients who have benefited from this in-house venture using 3D printing technology. Tilghman Orthodontics prints models that represent the incremental changes needed to shift patients’ teeth and then fabricates its Smiles Correct aligners from those models.

Dr. Tilghman points out that mail-order aligner trays have no direct doctor supervision, X-rays or clinical exams. The Smiles Correct aligner trays are a cost-effective option created with oversight from experienced Drs. Michael Tilghman and Carrie Schwartz, who provide care, direction and guidance with each step of the treatment.

The Smiles Correct treatment option is a convenient choice for patients who have had previous treatment, like braces, but now need additional adjustment. Because they’re made at Tilghman Orthodontics, patients have saved thousands of dollars on treatments.

Although offering a cutting-edge solution like Smiles Correct is one option, other patients may need a more traditional approach to orthodontic care. Dr. Tilghman notes that “the majority of our young patients still need traditional treatment, with braces.” Tilghman Orthodontics refuses to provide a one-size-fits-all approach to its patients’ needs. The care provided is practical and focuses on providing the best, most appropriate treatment for each patient.

Quality care, experience and cost-effective solutions are what sets Tilghman Orthodontics apart from other practices in the area. Now, with the success of Smiles Correct, the tools have become sharper and more innovative in providing individualized solutions for its patients.