The Faces of Modern MRI Technology

Standing, from left: Taylor Darby, Donnie Mitchell, Kurt Hummel and Brandon Ingraham.
Sitting, from left: Sherri Martinek, Katelyn Wirt and Jo Ditmer.
Not pictured: Roxanne Dale, Kimberly Wlosinski and Stacey Matthews.

Photo by Grant L. Gursky


Peninsula Imaging is a premier full-service imaging center located in Salisbury in the Woodbrooke Medical Complex. Well-known for bringing state-of-the-art imaging technology to the Shore, they recently added a second 3T MRI, for a total of four MRI suites (two 3T and two 1.5). This is good news for patients, as it will expedite scheduling of MRI appointments and provide new imaging technology and techniques.

The addition of their new 3T MRI uses state-of-the-art biomatrix technology in the table to monitor patients’ heart rates and breathing. It has 64 channels — the most of any scanner on the Shore. This safely allows better image quality with faster scan times in a shorter amount of time. Most non-contrast scans are completed in 15-20 minutes vs. 45 minutes with older model scanners. 

Another advancement Peninsula Imaging’s MRI offers is metal artifact reduction system, or MARS for short. MARS enables superior neurological and musculoskeletal imaging in patients with metal implants. Complete hip and knee replacement scans that were once deemed undiagnostic due to metal artifact may now be examined in a way never thought possible. The incredible detail of the metal and surrounding tissue is unparalleled; even the rivets or threads of screws can be visualized.

MR enterography is an MRI that evaluates the digestive system. Patients drink oral contrast and have IV contrast. Images are taken of the intestines of mostly young Crohn’s disease patients as MRI is a safer alternative for younger patients than CT enterography, which uses radiation.

Patient safety is a priority. A MRSO, or MR safety officer, is on-site to make sure any implants a patient may have will be properly screened and MRI implant conditions are met. You will find their staff both compassionate and competent. 

Peninsula Imaging is accredited in MRI of the breast musculoskeletal, angiography, body, neuro and spine imaging. Specialty studies utilizing a CAD system are used for cancer evaluation.