The Faces of Family: At Home and Work

Standing, from left: Andrea Keeney, Claire Waggoner, Sam Chmar, Bartolo Castillo and 
Ricardo Gutierrez. Sitting, from left: Fernando Rivera, Antonio Rivera, Ruben Rivera and
Ricardo Gutierrez, Jr.

Photos by Grant L. Gursky


A roof not only protects what matters most from all of nature’s elements, but it is also what transforms four walls into a home, your home. So, when the time comes for you to repair, replace or build your roof, it is imperative that you enlist the help of qualified, trustworthy professionals, like the team at Coastal Home Roofing.

Sam Chmar, owner and founder of Coastal Home Roofing, has always been naturally enamored with seeing a project develop into its fullest potential. He worked in the construction field for over 30 years before determining his true niche was in roofing. This discovery ultimately inspired him to establish Coastal Home Roofing, which has since grown into a well-respected company that specializes in providing an array of specialized roofing services to local clients.

While managing one of the Shore’s leading roofing companies is a career Sam deeply adores, his proudest role, above all else, is that of father and husband. He makes every effort to include his wife, Christie, and two young children in his projects, and he always strives to make them proud of his work and the legacy he will one day leave behind. Given his unwavering family-centric mindset, Sam works diligently to ensure family is at the core of his company’s values.

The Chmar family: Sam, Christie, Mackenzie, Fletcher and Buster the dog

“We’re a big family at Coastal Home Roofing, and for us, accountability is everything. We always make sure to hold each other accountable, just as a family would, to ensure the best end products for our customers,” shared Sam.

Supporting Sam are two full-time crews that are not only highly experienced but also extremely reliable and passionate about the work they perform. This cohesive and skilled workforce ensures all projects are completed properly and efficiently. Sam credits his team, who are like family themselves, with his company’s success. “Our project manager, Antonio Rivera, does an excellent job,” said Sam. “Claire Waggoner and Andrea Keeney run our operation, and I absolutely could not do this without them. Lindsey Correa from Coastal Social Marketing has become an instrumental part of our team. Chuck Tucker, Josh Cook and the crew at Quality Roofing make sure all our materials and deliveries are handled correctly.”