The Faces of a Perfect Dining Experience

Pictured from left: Jana Susenaceva, Brian Hutchinson, Julie Hemp, Charles Armstrong,
Norris Polk and Lauren Herlihy

Photo by Grant L. Gursky


Adjacent to Papa Grande’s stands Catch 54, a fellow SoDel restaurant with an eclectic, coastal-inspired menu and unparalleled bayfront views. Aligning with SoDel’s overarching themes, Catch 54 applies a hands-on and locally driven approach by ensuring every culinary creation is made fresh and sourced from local farmers.

Steering the ship at Catch 54 is general manager Julie Hemp. After working as a bartender for 15 years, Julie was inspired to apply for the position after learning about SoDel’s “always growing” strategy and commitment to community impact. Now, she particularly appreciates how Catch 54 has presented her with new opportunities to build meaningful relationships with its customers.

Julie’s admiration for entertaining and developing new interpersonal relationships is a love that is shared by the rest of the Catch 54 staff. Brian Hutchinson, fellow manager and resident wine specialist, enjoys sharing his extensive wine knowledge and assisting customers with choosing ideal selections from Catch 54’s hefty wine menu. He clearly knows his craft — the restaurant was awarded the 2019 Award of Excellence by Wine Spectactor.

When it comes to Catch 54’s menu items and specials, creativity is not only appreciated, it’s encouraged. Chef Charles Armstrong takes immense pride in every dish that comes out of the kitchen, and his extreme attention to detail is evident in every flavor-filled bite. Sous chef Norris Polk specializes in soups and desserts and often experiments with his creations by combining ingredients not commonly paired.

Beautifully prepared house staples include its signature crab cake, buttermilk fried oysters and famous burger — all accompanied with a great selection of craft ales, the aforementioned wine list and delicious cocktails. Be sure to try the pineapple martini, which won Coastal Style’s Best Of award for Best Specialty Drink in 2019.