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Becker Morgan Group pinpoints five coastal trends to consider when building or renovating

Photography courtesy Becker Morgan Group

Building or renovating your coastal home is an investment your family will cherish for years to come. While your new or renovated space will be designed specific to your property and meet your unique needs and taste, there are overarching design trends to consider.  

Becker Morgan Group’s residential studio identifies five things to consider when designing your new home or renovation. 

1. Be Site Specific
You found your dream property — now maximize it! Take advantage of the natural amenities. Are you near the water but not the waterfront? Is there an incredible sunset or sunrise you just can’t see from the downstairs? Consider an inverted floor plan (like in the photo above). By putting the gathering spaces on the top floor of your home, you can take advantage of views not available on the ground floor. 

2. Design Spaces to Gather 
You’ve heard the saying “Build it, and they will come.” Were they talking about coastal homes? Maybe not, but if you plan to entertain, creating a space to gather is important. Kitchens are naturally the most popular room in your home; positioning yours in a central area to serve multiple spaces will maximize your flexibility and functionality when entertaining. Extending the hub of activity into an adjacent living room is sure to be a crowd favorite and able to accommodate whatever event life has in store. 

3. Don’t Forget the Outdoor Amenities
Are there property amenities you enjoy while on vacation? Why not incorporate those into your outdoor space? Consider pools, firepits, outdoor kitchens and wet bars to create your own retreat. Your home can be outfitted to have a resort feel. 

4. Design Spaces to Retreat & Relax 
You have a house filled with family, and your heart is full, but you need a break. Sound familiar? Creating quiet areas within your home to read, rest and relax will improve your mental wellness and allow you to recharge. Master suites are especially popular and could include a private office, sitting area and spa-like bathroom retreats. Indoor-outdoor showers are also a popular choice. 

5. Consider Convertible Living Spaces 
When space is at a premium, it is important to consider convertible and multifunctional spaces. By using large sliding or folding window walls of doors, your existing living space can be incorporated into your outdoor living area to create a flexible outdoor living solution you can utilize year-round. 

When you partner with an architect, they will work closely with you to understand your current and future needs while incorporating these key design elements. Your architect will ask key questions about your daily routine, interests and future, to design a floor plan and solution that will serve you and your family for years to come.

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