Rooted in Creativity

Jennifer Price grew a onetime hobby into a thriving business with Boxwood & Bloom

Written by Alison Pappas  |  Photography by Grant L. Gursky

As the cold weather arrives, one of the last things on your mind may be updating your exterior planters; however, the winter season is actually a wonderful time to either add new planters or spruce up your existing planters by adding some holiday flair.

Jennifer Price, the owner of Boxwood & Bloom, specializes in creating customized planter designs, ranging from colorful window boxes to large-scale projects with up to 20 planters, for residential and commercial clients across Delmarva. 

Jennifer said she has always been drawn to exploring her creativity through gardening and planting in her free time. After growing bored with traditional planters, she started experimenting with enhancing her personal planters. In the winter of 2019, she shared some of her finished designs on social media and soon received requests to put together planters for friends and family. 

While doing online research on how to grow her hobby into a proper business, Jennifer connected with a community called Digging and Gathering on Instagram. Through it, she collected inspiration and ideas from like-minded women from across the country. Jennifer also frequented a local nursery to learn more about the intricate details of greenery. 

Boxwood & Bloom creates customized planter designs ranging from colorful window boxes to large-scale projects for clients across the peninsula. 

As COVID hit, people understandably started to invest more in their home aesthetics. This resulted in an increased volume of requests for Jennifer’s services, and Boxwood & Blooms was officially born.

“I have a lot of fun working with my clients, getting to know their personalities and styles and understanding the environments the planters will be living in,” she shared. “I handpick every element of the customized planters that I assemble for each client, and I support local nurseries as much as I can.” 

Jennifer’s tips for creating the perfect holiday planter

  • Pretty container gardens aren’t just for the summer months anymore. Spring, fall and winter/holidays bring unique and stylish options to make your entrance more appealing to welcome you home and greet guests.

  • It can be overwhelming when deciding on your planter’s style, which plants to select and where to place them in your outdoor space. Consider the focal point, the space’s purpose and the flower colors you like. Then, build from there.

  • A benefit of using planters to enhance your outdoor space is that they are temporary, meaning you can change them for each season and move them around to different areas in your yard, patio, front door or around your pool.

  • Being mindful of the amount of light and wind your outdoor space receives during different times of the day is important. You don’t want to plant a shade plant in full sun and vice versa.

  • Your flowers are an investment, so buying the right ones for the right space and taking care of them regularly will reward you with months of a beautiful and relaxing outdoor space. CS

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