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Salt Fitness in Rehoboth Beach is about more than just getting you in shape; It’s also about building a community

Written by Alison Pappas | Photography by Pamela Aquilani

Erin Windsor, owner of Salt Fitness in Rehoboth Beach, appreciated the relationship-building opportunities and community atmosphere that she recognized during her first indoor spin class at a studio near her former home in Maryland. She’s been pedaling forward ever since!

In 2010, Erin and her family moved to the Delaware shore. She searched for a spin studio where she could find the same experiences as her former studio but realized there were none nearby.

“I thought if I can’t find a class, I might as well get my instructor certification and start teaching the way I was used to Maryland,” shared Windsor.

Soon after obtaining her license, Erin started teaching at a local gym. She found herself wanting a more personalized environment that presented more opportunities to build relationships with members. So, she ultimately decided to open up her own studio, Salt Fitness.

Salt Fitness is currently Rehoboth Beach’s only indoor cycle studio, and it has a team of eight instructors. The schedule includes 45-, 60- and 90-minute rhythmic-spin-class options.

“We offer rhythm-based classes, so we ride to the beat of the music. We thread in the regular indoor cycle drills, but we also hear that music beat and add choreography into the class as well. You’ll see pushups on the bike and different moves that activate the core, alongside your regular riding drills,” shared Windsor.

Salt Fitness provides a judgment-free, intimate space, and it is welcoming to riders of all skill levels.

“We say you’re there to work on yourself so that you can grow stronger to love others outside of our four walls. It’s really important to us that you’re in there for your individual goals or working together as one to make a bigger impact on the community outside our studio,” stated Windsor.

“You’re there to work on yourself so that you can grow stronger to love others outside of our four walls.”

What advice would you give to new riders?

What often keeps people from starting is the fear of not knowing those unwritten gym rules, and it can be intimidating to walk into a room and not know how to set up your bike. That’s even what kept me personally from pursuing spin originally. At Salt Fitness, however, we really encourage people to come as they are and give it a try in our welcoming environment.

What tips would you give readers to improve their indoor cycling technique or performance?

Take your time to set up your bike properly for your body. So often, we see people come in and jump on the bike the way it was left from the rider before them. When we walk over to first-time visitors to help them, they often say, “Wow, no one has ever showed me that before!”

Salt Fitness features eight instructors and offers 45-, 60-, and 90-minute rhythmic-spin-class options.

How would you recommend setting your cycling goals? 

Cardio every day is not a healthy choice to meet weight-loss goals and build muscle. Once the client has contacted their doctor and confirmed they are healthy and ready to start a new workout, they should come up with a weekly routine. Their workout-week plan should involve a balance between heavy lifting and or toning classes, cardio and stretch/recovery.

How would you encourage people to re-engage their New Year’s resolutions if they have fallen off track?

When life starts to creep in and pull us away from our fitness and life goals, do the next best thing you know how to do well and keep adding on to that. I suggest to get on the booking app and book your classes for the following week. After that, get up and work on your water consumption goals or take an outdoor walk to clear your head and get refocused. Remember why you started and look at your written plan again. CS

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