Pilates Power

Kelly Roberts is enhancing the lives of her clients at Beach Pilates & Wellness Studio in Bethany Beach

Story by Sylvia Blair  |  Photography by Sarah Murray

Kelly Roberts inspires and encourages people to achieve the mind-body-spirit connection that they desire in order to thrive in life. The owner of Beach Pilates & Wellness Studio in Bethany Beach specializes in Pilates — a type of training that uses resistance and assistance by focusing on functional movement and low-impact exercises while incorporating a full-body workout. Pilates has many benefits and is commonly used for injury prevention and post-rehabilitation. Areas of focus include posture, core strength, flexibility and balance.

Kelly’s classes are invigorating and motivating. She offers a unique blend of workouts that are realistic, challenging and designed to be incorporated into any schedule. Beach Pilates & Wellness Studio has adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic by altering how and when classes are delivered, whether on the beach, in the studio, on video or streaming live online. 

“I offer live-streaming classes, on-demand videos, and people can join my online membership, which offers Pilates classes through a video library,” said Kelly. “These classes are popular, since people are not traveling to gyms and Pilates studios as much as they used to. Now, I teach online classes five days a week, with seven to 10 people in every class. I have private online clients who live locally and clients from as far away as Las Vegas, Puerto Rico and Spain.”

Kelly emphasized that is it important to exercise, in general, but especially during the pandemic. Exercise can help with isolation, maintaining a healthy routine and with the sedentary time that results from being restricted due to COVID-19. Beach Pilates & Wellness Studio continues to offer in-person, socially distanced workouts for small classes and private groups, as well as one-on-one sessions. The average class size is up to five people. Clients remove their shoes and work out in their toe socks on their own mats, which are at least six feet apart. Safety is paramount for Kelly, whose studio is routinely cleaned with a high-grade disinfectant, and temperatures are checked as clients enter the studio. 

This spring, Kelly will launch an “E-course,” for purchase, which is a 30-day wellness program of Pilates videos that includes nutritional menus and recipes for healthy eating. The program, named Reform Your Body, is a digital series Kelly will send to clients by email, complete with download and viewing instructions. Kelly serves as an online coach and wellness partner to her clients as she leads them through the 30-day program, which is completed on their own time, at their convenience.

Kelly’s mission has always been to help her clients to create new healthy lifestyles, with changes that endure, unlike diets that fade in or out. “I want to help my clients improve their future well-being,” said Kelly. “I want them to find the joy of a better lifestyle and enjoy being a part of a community who support one another during our current trying times and beyond.” 

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