One Little Button Saves Lives

TidalHealth offers Lifeline, a 24-hour personal emergency monitoring service for folks who are at risk of a fall or who have chronic health conditions

Bev Stoakley believes in the product she sells. 

As the Lifeline Manager for TidalHealth, she makes sure patients have the necessary equipment to keep them safe in their homes upon discharge from the hospital.

Lifeline is a 24-hour personal emergency monitoring service provided to folks who are at risk for a fall or who have chronic conditions such as COPD, CHF, diabetes, osteoarthritis or other conditions that could cause a fall. 

Lifeline is offered in all Eastern Shore counties of Maryland, Accomack County, Va., and Kent and Sussex counties in Delaware and Annapolis, Md. Lifeline equipment can also be shipped to other states via FedEx, and installations can be scheduled within 24 hours, excluding weekends.

“Our objective is to keep our subscribers safer in their own home environments and prevent them from having to be hospitalized. Lifeline can make a significant difference between getting help right away or lying on the floor for hours, which could cause a very serious outcome.”

The monthly cost of Lifeline ranges from $29.95 to $58.95 and is not funded by Medicare or insurance. Hospital patients who may benefit from Lifeline can take advantage of the Care Sage 60-day free trial. Care Sage is a predictive analytics engine that helps identify patients who are at risk for Emergency Room transport, allowing clinicians to intervene before problems occur. At the end of the 60 days, patients can choose to continue the service as private pay or return the equipment.

Stoakley has seen the benefits of Lifeline firsthand and encourages anyone who may be a fall risk to invest in the service.

“Lifeline saves lives every day,” she said, noting that Lifeline has a great reputation of providing exceptional customer service. “We have subscribers calling us daily thanking us.”

TidalHealth has offered Lifeline for more than 25 years and continues to be among the Top 1 percent of programs in the nation.

The Cost

If you’re interested in Lifeline, call 800-215-1031 or 410-430-3831. Be sure to ask about special promotions, including veteran discounts and AARP member discounts.

Basic service with a landline is $29.95 per month — no install fee/no activation fee/no contract

Auto alert landline, which includes a phone jack, Comcast or Mediacom, is $44.95 per month — no install fee/no activation fee/no contract 

Wireless is $43.95 per month for basic service 

Wireless auto alert is $58.95 per month. CS

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