New Name, Same Dedication

From research to innovation, TidalHealth sets the standard of care

At TidalHealth — across every location, service and employee the team is privileged to know more than your name because they’re your neighbors. That’s why the TidalHealth staff puts their hearts into doing the work to heal you and keep you healthy, every step of the way. 

The connection to patients doesn’t stop at the door. The community deserves the best, so TidalHealth is committed to delivering care conveniently. Through hundreds of local services — including preventive screenings, health education and community projects — TidalHealth’s skilled clinicians are at their best when you need them most. 

TidalHealth is dedicated to managing chronic conditions through care and case managers, and its health workers and Wagner Wellness Van are in the community, helping friends, family and neighbors. Partnerships with local jurisdictions provide enhanced services and much-needed community outreach. 

When it comes to complex care, TidalHealth leads the way. A pioneer in heart care, TidalHealth recently debuted the brand-new MitraClip procedure, which repairs leaky heart valves without open heart surgery; it continues to provide the most advanced cancer care; and neurosurgeons are performing minimally invasive procedures in a state-of-the-art hybrid operating room.

Leonard says this high level of care is due to the organization’s long-standing commitment to excellence and the high caliber providers it attracts.

“TidalHealth has a long tradition of providing complex services to our community going back to our first cardiac catheterization and open heart surgery in the early 1970s,” he said. “Since then, we have attracted the highest quality, fellowship-trained specialists and subspecialists to continue the tradition of providing complex care close to home.”

“Other larger systems may attempt to take care of a problem, but at TidalHealth we take care of the person.”

Steve Leonard, Ph.D., MBA, FACHE, President and CEO of TidalHealth

The best providers are looking for organizations that have a history of providing complex services, the necessary infrastructure and most importantly a solid team of nurses and technical staff to achieve the best possible outcomes, Leonard said. That is what TidalHealth offers.

“Members of the community should feel confident that our specialists are the best in their class and have outcomes to match it,” he said. “They are well past their training, as opposed to providers at larger academic institutions, and they come to TidalHealth to develop deep relationships with their patients — not just for one particular need, but over the course of their lives.”

At TidalHealth, the goal is to improve access and connect each member of the community with the healthcare they need to stay well. It’s more convenient and less costly for patients to receive healthcare outside of the hospital, so expansion efforts are in the works. Plans are underway to develop a large campus in Millsboro, and
TidalHealth continues to address underserved areas throughout the region.

TidalHealth’s mission to improve the health of the communities it serves is best accomplished when folks have a relationship with a primary care provider. To facilitate this, TidalHealth is improving access and making care more convenient with more than 30 primary and specialty care offices throughout Delmarva. Since all of TidalHealth’s providers will be connected through a single electronic medical record, each patient will have access to seamless, integrated care right in their backyard.

While it’s important to get an annual physical and have regular checkups, TidalHealth has experts in 23 specialties who can care for patients with more complex needs.

To ensure patients receive the best care, physician recruitment will remain a priority. 

“Providers want to be part of a high-quality system where they can practice their craft to the fullest,” Leonard said. “In the future, we plan to start multiple physician residencies where our highly-skilled physicians can train the next generation of physicians. These include internal medicine and general surgery to start, and likely others as we work through the process.”

For Leonard, the future is bright. He’s excited about the changes taking place throughout TidalHealth and is dedicated to improving healthcare on Delmarva. He encourages those with the same goal to reach out.

“If you want to be a member of TidalHealth, no matter your role, please contact us,” he said.
“It takes a team and ours is growing.”