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Sand N’ Stones owner Michele Buckler uses sea glass to craft keepsakes of nature's beauty

Written by Alison Clary

There are many things a person can stumble upon while walking along the beach, but no shoreline finding can quite compare to the natural treasure of sea glass. With a smooth texture and varying shades of turquoisey blues, purples, greens and soapy whites, sea glass is a sight to behold that aptly makes for a perfect jewelry component

Michele Buckler, a local artisan and owner of Sand N’ Stones in Lewes, first took notice of sea glass when she was 6 years old. She then spent years accompanying her mother on sea-glass- scavenging outings at the beach every day after school. 

“I was immediately drawn to the bright hues that sea glass has,” shared Michele.

As she grew up, Michele’s adoration of sea glass never wavered, so she began experimenting with wire-wrapping sea glass to make stunning, one-of-a-kind jewelry. Over time, she perfected her craft and gained in-depth knowledge about sea glass and gemstones. Ultimately, her success at craft shows led her to open up Sand N’ Stones in 2005.

A white storefront with charming blue shutters and a bright red door, Sand N’ Stones carries many of Michele’s wire-wrapped sea-glass necklaces, pendants, pins, earrings and rings.

“Everything is handcrafted and unique. I use gold, argentium, and sterling-silver wirings in my work,” expressed Michele. 

Because every fragment of sea glass is unique, Michele has always looked to complement the varying natural elements in each piece of jewelry she creates, which truly makes her work one-of-a-kind. Fittingly, her slogan has always been, “Mother Nature does the artwork, and Michele puts a frame on it”.

There are several different ways to acquire Michele’s handmade jewelry. The first option is to purchase one of her already-made pieces displayed in the store’s cases. The second option is to select one of the sea-glass fragments available in the store, and Michele will then custom-wire-wrap it based on the customer’s wishes. Another option is for customers to scavenge their own piece of sea glass and ask Michele to wire-wrap it for them. This last option really results in a special gift that not only is visually appealing, but is a gift that also serves as a means for preserving the memories from the glass’s specific finding — such as when it was found, how it was discovered or who it was uncovered with.

“I really like to help my customers bring in their own connection into the jewelry I create for them,” shared Michele.

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