Let There Be Light!

Modern lighting systems offer a host of benefits, including security, energy savings and healthier living

Did you know that a recent study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency revealed that Americans spend an average of 87% of their day inside? This presents a critical issue, as our natural body clocks are set to the sun. By spending much of our time indoors, our circadian rhythms can be dramatically thrown off, which can result in poor sleep, irritable moods and a lack of productivity — for starters.

At Overture, we design home lighting systems that can automatically simulate natural light throughout the course of the day, with cooler, brighter colors keeping you focused during the day and warm, dimmer colors allowing you to relax comfortably in the evening.

Lighting control ranges from a simple, in-wall dimmer to a fully automated whole-house system with dimmer panels and low-voltage in-wall keypads. Lighting zones can be easily programmed for automated “turn-on” and “turn-off” events and schedules. Automated lighting also includes fully controllable scenes, color temperatures and light-color variabilities. Lighting control can be accomplished from controllers in your home, as well as from your phone anywhere in the world.

Today’s lighting fixtures project a greater amount of light while consuming far less electricity than previous fixtures and bulbs. Modern light fixtures can produce thousands of different light colors as well, such as red, blue green or white, upon command. We routinely install and program systems that have interior lights come on at sunset for ambiance and illuminate hallways throughout the home.

Outdoor low-voltage lighting is a major feature to showcase your home and Overture carries several manufacturers of landscape lighting. Modern LED landscape lights can be dimmed as well and come in thousands of different fixtures and looks. Exterior lighting systems can be set to illuminate at sunset and cease at sunrise, all while maintaining exact times for each event throughout the year.

Lighting, both inside and outside of your home, is a crucial element in providing ambiance, security, convenience and energy savings — all while allowing you to lead a healthier lifestyle.

At Overture, we take great pride in designing and installing the appropriate system for our clients — while exceeding their expectations.

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