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The Fenix Youth Project offers impactful life skills, services and opportunities for change

Written by Alison Pappas  |  Photography by Marci Ryan

Fenix Youth Project board member Kenisha Le’Cole, left, and executive director/founder Amber Green work to assist individuals in our community

November is National Runaway Prevention month, and this honorary month is especially meaningful for Fenix Youth Project, Inc., a Salisbury-based nonprofit whose primary mission is to support the area’s homeless youth population.

Specifically, Fenix Youth Project assists individuals between the ages of 14-24 who are runaways or are homeless with their parents. The organization is located in downtown Salisbury, conveniently within walking distance of several local support agencies, such as social services and mental health offices.

“We provide services that are there to help fill in the gaps of other services that these youth are using in the community. We also provide specific services such as housing support, job support, as well as life coaching, goal planning and more,” shared executive director/founder Amber Green.

Fenix Youth Project was born in 2013 when Green brought her vision to create a space for youth artists to use their art to impact social change to life.

“I always loved the Harlem renaissance, and I appreciated the use of poetry, literature and art to captivate audiences,” says Green. “This also enhances the artists’ own minds by encouraging them to be active in their community or know about the community issues and advocate for themselves.”

“This also enhances the artists’ own minds by encouraging them to be active in their community or know about the community issues and advocate for themselves.”

Art remains a central theme of Fenix Youth Project’s efforts, and the team is currently gearing up to bring back its writing and poetry program. The organization also proudly houses a digital media studio that hosts some of its programming activities and offers a welcoming space for young artists to record their own digital projects and music.

“We’re also in the process of building out our youth action board, which consists of youth artists who are or have experienced homelessness. Their voices are going to get amplified, and they are going to be able to use their voice to help and be change agents in the community,” expressed Green.

In addition to providing artistic outlets, Fenix Youth Project offers essential services like meal support. It also provides professional development support, including a T-Mobile partnership that supplies no-cost mobile phones to homeless youth that are currently seeking job opportunities.

If you would like to support Fenix Youth Project, there are two primary ways to do so. Firstly, you can provide a single donation or sign up to give a monthly contribution in the amount of your choosing. Secondly, you can pursue volunteer opportunities, such as enrolling in Fenix Youth Project’s chosen family program. Through it, vetted/backgroundchecked adult volunteers offer housing to young people who are looking for shortterm resources and support.

Further details about donations and volunteer opportunities can be found at CS

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