Images from The Nutcracker Issue — November-December 2019

Annapolis, MD

Photo by Jay Fleming

It’s times like these we tend to wish for warmer weather, but there is a serene beauty associated with snow days such as these. This red barn adds dimension and perspective to the scene.

Crisfield, MD

Photo by Grant L. Gursky

The town’s holiday light display will soon illuminate its popular dock after a spectacular Eastern
Shore sunset gives way to darkness.

Berlin, MD

Photo by Grant L. Gursky

The glow of a vibrant fall sunset symbolically passes the torch to the approaching winter.

Ocean City, MD

Photo by Grant L. Gursky

Nearly 900 guests enjoyed ideal weather, exceptional food and drink and great music by
The After Party Experience during our 7th annual Best Of Party at Seacrets on Sept. 27.

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