Hey, Singles! Get What You Want In The New Year!

Matchmaker to the stars Susan Trombetti shares exclusive strategies to make 2020 your best relationship year ever — and how to survive Valentine’s Day solo

When it comes to the New Year, love is on the minds of many. It doesn’t even matter if you are already coupled up; if it’s not a happy union, you want to make it better. The way to find lasting love in the New Year isn’t all that different from any other time; it’s just that another new year marks the passage of time. It highlights what you are missing in your life that is an important part of life — relationships. You can do a few things to change that, though, and at the same time work on making you a better catch.

Finding Love in 2020 — Susan says it’s easy as 1-2-3!


Meet with a dating coach or hire a matchmaker to help you find love this year and overcome the issues holding you back.
If you are already in an unhappy relationship, it’s time to see a relationship therapist. Everyone should have love in their life.
You need to be proactive.


The number-one way to find love this year: Kick the one you are with, or hung up on, to the curb! Believe it or not, if you are unhappy, it can be that you are whiling away your time with the wrong person or hooked on someone who isn’t really in your life but is nonetheless occupying your thoughts. I always say everyone is hung up on someone, whether it’s real or imagined. Is this person worthy of all that energy? Only you know! The sooner you say “Bye” to the one who isn’t The One, the sooner you will find the one who is. Many singles fall into this category: They simply don’t want to cut ties with the wrong one or don’t have the courage to end it permanently with that on-again, off-again relationship.


Make a plan for what you want out of life, much like a to-do list. Whether you want to lose weight or get that degree, jot it down and note what steps you will take to get there. Make it a priority, and don’t let anything hold you back — and don’t feel guilty for taking some me-time. You deserve to have whatever it is you want in the new year, and it makes you a better catch!

2/14: Just Another Day — Here are a few steps for surviving as a single this Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I, as a matchmaker, am going to say that it’s a bit commercialized, leading you to believe everyone in the world is coupled up. Well, they aren’t, and common sense tells you this, but you still feel bad especially if you are all alone or just out of a relationship. Getting past this day can still be a bit of a struggle, so thinking about it a bit differently and having a strategy will do wonders for your spirit.


Realize Valentine’s Day is just a day, and so what if you don’t have someone this year? It’s one day out of the year, and you can use this time to focus on new dating strategies so that you are coupled up with someone new and exciting by next year.


Take this romance-filled day and use it as an excuse to flirt with everyone you run across (except for your coworkers, since that can stray into sexual harassment, not flirting). Flirt with the new neighbor, the waiter/waitress and with anyone you have a crush on. It’s a lighthearted day, and you should treat it as such. Don’t know how to flirt? Use props and pass out Hershey kisses or those little hearts with sayings on them. They are great conversation starters and will help you get your flirt on!


Check your local calendar for Valentine’s Day events for singles.
At times, dating coaches and matchmakers throw such events, and there are other organizations that host Valentine’s events, as well — so no need to be alone.


Treat yourself to a massage or have some much-needed time alone and indulge yourself in whatever you want to do. Celebrate you and realize you are a catch!


Lastly, check out dating apps and learn which are the best. Give it a shot. You don’t need to even be alone on Valentine’s Day. A date is at your fingertips, and if you start using them in plenty of time, you might have a date by then.

Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and
CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking
, is a leading celebrity matchmaker and relationship expert. Susan has helped discerning singles across the country discover long-term relationships and partnerships that are both rewarding and fulfilling. Exclusive Matchmaking has offices across the country, including Annapolis.

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