Golden Opportunity

At long last, the Costigan family of Bethesda built their dream vacation home in Lewes, thanks to the vision and creativity of Turnstone Custom Homes

 Written by Jonathan Westman | Interior Photography by Kyle Toomey, Padula Media
Exterior Photography by Pamela Aquilani & Tony Pratt

The desire to live in the Delaware Beach region, even on a part time basis, has never been stronger. For Scott & Michelle Costigan of Bethesda, their interest in a vacation home in Lewes spanned many years, but after starting a family together, the timing never seemed right, or their ideal property wasn’t on the market. Then, a home appeared for sale online that suited them ideally.

“Ultimately, we lost a bid on a renovated home in Cape Shores, and we were so bummed for a while,” says Michele. “But then a homesite came on the market in mid-October 2020, and we took the leap and wrote an offer.”

After securing the lot, Scott and Michele began interviewing local builders to determine whose vision, style and ideals aligned with theirs. The process, according to Michele, proved more time consuming and frustrating than they anticipated, and after meeting with six custom home builders, only one demonstrated the willingness to modify potential floorplans and work within their budget.

“Turnstone Custom Homes made us feel that they wanted to work with us from the beginning,” says Michele. “Harvey and his team never once said ‘no’ to us. They made us feel welcomed and important.”

A central design theme of the the Costigan’s beautiful home was to allow as much natural light into the residence as possible.

The Costigan’s goal was to move into the home in time to celebrate Michele’s 50th birthday in June 2021, but the Covid pandemic intervened with inevitable delays, and the family’s move in day was April 9, 2022, which, ironically, is the same day and month they moved into their new residence in Bethesda in 2005.

Their home has turned heads in the neighborhood and in the building industry. Its modern design and aesthetic appeal have not only spurred new renovations in the community, it earned Turnstone Custom Homes multiple Builders and Remodelers Association of Delaware (BRAD) Regal awards, including “Delaware Custom Home of the Year” honors for 2022.

“No detail was lost on this home. From the bright and airy flow of the home down to the gold accents, this custom home is certainly one-of-a-kind,” says Turnstone Custom Homes founder and owner Harvey Ryan. “Even the accented arch window in the upstairs sitting area is something to certainly boast about.

“No detail was lost on this home. From the bright and airy flow of the home down to the gold accents, this custom home is certainly one-of-a-kind.”

FINISHING TOUCHES Turnstone Custom Homes is known for its craftsmanship and creativity. Examples on display in the Costigan home include a clever incorporation of bunk beds in the children’s bedroom and an elegant walk-in shower in the primary bath.

Everything about this home screams “Pinterest,” as each detail is modern, trendy, and overall, beautiful. Some of the elements in this home were even inspired by TikTok videos!”

The Costigan’s vacation home is 3,006 sq. ft. and features five bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms and an open floor plan that welcomes an abundance of sunlight. Scott and Michele’s must-haves included outdoor decks and a screened in porch. One of the couple’s favorite features is the custom Pella pocket window between the kitchen and screened porch that recesses into the wall when opened.

“It’s such a unique feature that all our guests compliment when they see it opened,” says Michele.

Named “Golden Hour” due to the home’s spectacular sunset views beyond the Cape Shore Pier and as a tribute to Michele’s father, Tin Shik Chin, who unfortunately passed away before the home was completed.

“He was excited for us after we purchased the lot and was looking forward to having a family vacation home,” says Michele. “My father always called me his ‘Golden Child,’ so the name seemed fitting.”

“The visual appeal matches exactly what the clients envisioned for their home. In addition, this home has inadvertently modernized the neighborhood, and new homes are going up with similar features to this home,” says Harvey, who’s company has over 200 custom home builds to its credit since 2004 and features a custom kitchen and bath division. “People in the neighborhood, whether they live there or are renting, often stop by the house and gaze at its beauty. The use of outdoor space and the built-in bunk beds are another added touch that sets this home apart from all others in the area.”

“It’s beautifully unique. In all the years we’ve dreamt of owning a beach home, we never imagined it would be so beautiful,” says Michele. “We were able to build the home of our dreams and Turnstone Custom Homes made that happen. It’s truly our happy place.” CS

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