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Q:  What makes insuring homes on the Eastern Shore different than other places?
A:  Well, it is just as important for insurance as it is when it comes to buying or selling a home — it’s all about location, location, location. Where your home is located is a big factor in determining which company will offer you the best options. This is why we are proud to offer choices with multiple companies, which allows us to offer insurance solutions for everyone. 

Renovations are popular in our area. Why is it so important to talk to your insurance agent about the project?
If you’re making major improvements to your home, chances are we do not know about it. You don’t want to find out that you aren’t properly covered when it’s too late. Also, we’re often able to offer renovation credits that will actually save you money — while increasing coverages. A new roof, HVAC unit, security system or electric/plumbing upgrades can generally provide credits. It takes a quick, but very important, call to make sure you’re covered properly.

Why cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to homeowners’ insurance?
Considering your home is the largest and most complex purchase that most people make in their lifetime it is worth taking the time to understand your coverage options and not be completely focused on just the price of the policy. The last thing that we want to tell you is that something isn’t covered when it comes to a claim and it is even harder to explain that it could have been added on. Price is important but it is more important to know what you are paying for. 

What are some important tips you can offer?
Just as everything else, when it comes to a homework with a local expert. You don’t want to deal with a person on the end of an 800-number that can’t even identify the Eastern Shore on the map. We know this area and we know the insurance companies that are competitive and the ones that aren’t. At our agency, we work hard to keep our existing customers properly protected. We review our existing customers policies to see if there are discounts that we can offer, while at the same time, pointing out important coverage options. 

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