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Jamie Merida has melded inspirations and influences to create a trio of distinct brands that define his unique style and sophistication

Story by Joe Willey  |  Portrait by Karena Dixon

Jamie Merida Interiors and Bountiful Home have become touchpoints of style in an area known for its natural charms. In his designs, the confluence of European classicism, American modernism and Eastern Shore ease occurs in Easton.

Maybe Merida’s eye for style is genetic. Both parents were artists and, while living in Kentucky, dreamed of living in Europe. They eventually moved to Ghent, Belgium, taking a young Jamie with them. When they later moved back to Kentucky, the entire family brought their European inspiration with them.

Merida moved to Maryland to attend the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, where he received an undergraduate degree, eventually studying business at the university. He would visit the Eastern Shore and the beach resorts, not knowing that the hub of his creative venture would one day reside on the highway that he often traveled.

Photos by Style Productions

In 1997, Merida began dealing in antiques, visiting major antique shows along the East Coast until he opened Bountiful Interiors — a furniture-and-decor store — in Easton in 1999. He received a myriad of compliments and questions. People liked his style and wanted their homes to reflect his taste. “Can you help us?” was a question that he heard often. He paid attention to the compliments and deftly moved from dealing in only antiques to offering a full-service interior design studio.

His retail business has grown into three distinct brands: Bountiful Home, Bountiful Flooring and Bountiful Framing. All brands fall under his watchful eye and the eyes of his experienced staff. He has also expanded his creative activity by partnering with Chelsea House to design the Jamie Merida Collection, which blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary details.

It is intentional that Jamie Merida’s brands, backed by his years of experience and acclaim, are found in one location. In a single visit to Bountiful Home, one can find the expertise to create a space that melds inspiration from different influences, resulting in a unique interior they will be proud to call home. 

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