Champion of Care

Dr. Jonathan C. Patrowicz is revolutionizing his practice to a personalized model to create more time, better communication and enhanced relationships with his patients

Photo by Alyssa Maloof

Dr. Jonathan C. Patrowicz has faithfully cared for the patients of his Salisbury-based practice since 2001. His mantras, “the skill to heal” and “the spirit to care,“ have always held deep, personal meaning to the physician, husband and father who strives to connect both personally and professionally with his patients. This bond has proven to be beneficial for their overall health, well-being and life expectancy, chiefly because he has been able to dedicate the time necessary to truly learn and understand his patients’ needs and personally advocate their continuing care.

Yet, for several years now, Dr. Patrowicz has realized a persistent decline in the amount of quality time he’s able to spend with his patients, due to the mounting regulations and restrictions placed upon physicians and their practices by insurance companies and government agencies, such as Medicare. It’s estimated that just 15 years ago, primary care physicians spent about 80% of their average workdays conducting face-to-face patient interaction. Today, it’s approximately 20%. Dr. Patrowicz has seen enough. He’s literally tipping the scales back in the favor of his patients, by transitioning his practice to personalized healthcare. 

Jonathan C. Patrowicz, D.O., a Cypress-affiliated physician, will now offer patients a premium wellness “partnership” focused on creating more time, better communication and a quality relationship with a physician they can trust. This revolutionary model of medicine will include a smaller and better-connected patient panel and contain many exciting and comprehensive benefits — the first being access to Dr. Patrowicz.  

“There’s no better way to help someone solve their problems than to sit down and talk with them about it. Healthcare is very personal to people. They want a great doctor-patient relationship, and my goal is to provide that for them.”

— Dr. Jonathan C. Patrowicz

“As a member of our panel, patients will have the availability to make same-day or next-day appointments with me for sick visits or urgent-care needs,” Dr. Patrowicz said. “My practice will put the patient as the focus of healthcare and will allow a close partnership to be built between patient and doctor to help them achieve their health and wellness goals. My practice will have prompt availability, personal attention and a proactive approach to care. I’ll also be coordinating care with our local specialists and hospital systems, TidalHealth, Atlantic General, Johns Hopkins or the University of Maryland, when care coordination is needed.”

The partnership also includes an executive-style physical. This comprehensive diagnostic exam contains a detailed lifestyle analysis to identify health challenges and creates a proactive plan for improved health throughout the year.

Patients may also realize other conveniences, including preemptive physician-guided health coaching, expedited appointment scheduling, extended, routine office visits, telehealth and telemedicine consultations, and individualized treatment strategies.

Annual pricing plans for single adults and couples, which can be paid annually, semiannually or quarterly, are available and include dependents ages 7-26 at no additional charge. This model will be very beneficial for families with school-age children and/or college students, busy moms and working professionals who will now have the ability to communicate with Dr. Patrowicz in a new and more meaningful way. 

Dr. Patrowicz’s personalized healthcare model will open for new panel participation on July 1. Anyone interested in exploring this opportunity is encouraged to call their membership line or visit to learn more about this personalized approach to care designed with you in mind and centered on you.

“There’s no better way to help someone solve their problems than to sit down and talk with them about it,” Dr. Patrowicz said. “Healthcare is very personal to people. They want a great doctor-patient relationship, and my goal is to provide that for them.”