California Dreaming in Rehoboth Beach

The Gable family’s newly remodeled home combines a classic East Coast crisp aesthetic with West Coast-style comfy texture

Written by Kristen Hampshire   |   Photography by Maria DeForrest

Before the wedding bells and children — and time living abroad — Kelley and Mike Gable found a special property in Rehoboth Beach and began making East Coast beach memories close to where they grew up. The original home had a few bedrooms, cozy yet outdated amenities and a pool with beach views. “We wanted to evolve the existing space to maintain the core memories — we loved the spaces — but make them more functional,” said Kelley Gable, owner and principal designer of Gable Interiors, a bicoastal studio specializing in new construction and renovations. 

“We thought of the living spaces and where we were gathering — the former home was very choppy,” Gable shared. “People would tell us they got lost in it because the floor plan was so broken up. It was one of those homes that had one addition after another.” 

A rebuild was in order, and the Gables enlisted in CRx Construction. The result is a five-bedroom, six-bathroom coastal beach home with an expansive outdoor kitchen and living space by the pool, a bunk room for children, and a great room that incorporates a kitchen and its oversized island (a must for Gable). Features like white oak flooring and ceiling beans, shiplap, a screened-in porch bathroom with shower, and weatherproof cabinets give this airy, livable home the features and furnishings suited for a family with young children.  

With the help of CRx Construction, Kelley Gable turned a formerly “choppy” house into an open-flowing, five-bedroom, six- bathroom coastal home.

Coastal Elegance. “The way I design homes on the water, I don’t want it to scream ‘beach house’ in your face but instead evoke a feeling of coastal elegance,” Gable said. To do so, she incorporates breezy linens for upholstery or bedding, soft whites with pops of blue, and some West Coast flair as a bicoastal designer who infuses some California-casual into the look. “The fabrics and window treatments add texture and elevate the space, and they just make you feel comfortable.”

Personal Touches. “Little treasures” are a family tradition for Gable, who fondly remembers perusing antiques shops with her grandmother to uncover special finds. “We’d go to flea markets and craft shows, and we always found our ‘little treasures,’ and we still do that to this day,” Gable said of her grandmother’s flair for design. She managed a furniture store and shared with Gable her love of interior design. 

The Gables have lived all over the world — Japan, Panama, Annapolis, California — and so they incorporated pieces throughout the home that tell that story. “For example, we wallpapered the powder room in paper with a poppy print, which is the California state flower, and we have sailed every year during our time together as a couple — we spent our honeymoon sailing in the Seychelles — and my husband grew up in Annapolis, so we chose sailboat wallpaper for our older son’s bedroom to include some of those memories,” she says. 

Perhaps the most notable memory statement piece is the 12-foot-long, handcrafted dining table from Sandtown Furniture Co. in Baltimore. “It was a custom-designed piece, and the owner is a dear friend. It has a bench and has hosted so many family gatherings, from our wedding festivities to brunches, christenings and holidays,” Gable shared. “When we designed the great room, we were very specific about making space for this table.” 

Lighting the Way. “I always say to my clients, ‘Lighting is truly the jewelry of any space,’ so when making my selections, I like to start with the focal point and what that will look like, then I add from there,” she explained of her layered approach. For instance, kitchen pendants over a clean, white island are hand-rubbed antique brass, adding casual glamour to the otherwise minimalist aesthetic. Functional, matte-black sconces illuminate areas like the mudroom and bathroom vanities. Similar bell-shaped lights and complementary materials tie the look together, while basketweave statement fixtures offer texture and play to the coastal vibe. 

Statement Trim. A white-oak hardwood floor on the first level complements stair treads of the same material. Gable custom-designed the railing for a coastal-modern feel, and vertical, white-painted trim adds interest to the wall where stairs scale up to the second story. Board-and-batten flows from the foyer to entry space, and this theme continues upstairs in one bedroom that features board-and-batten woodwork. 

Designed to Live In. A primary bedroom on the first floor was a priority for the Gables, along with an additional suite upstairs, since they often host family. A cozy bunk in their son’s room accommodates overnight guests, and there is a dedicated office. After the rebuild/renovation, the home is now 3,000 square feet, and it’s centered on family living. 

The pool area is composed of indoor/outdoor space, including a screened porch with a walk-in shower clad with composite shiplap. “This allows the entire room to get wet with no issues,” Gable said. The kitchen is also weatherproof, with Werever Outdoor Kitchens Cabinets that are custom-designed using solid HDPE. The outdoor fireplace is a chalk-colored brick architectural stone veneer, while inside, a soapstone hearth complements a shiplap surround and reclaimed-wood mantle.

The home is a labor of love, a nod to memories and customized to accommodate what the following years and beyond will bring. Gable said, “The design selections are curated and personal; it feels like home. We have lived in many different places, and this has always been home base for us.” CS

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