Atlantic General Urology

Compassionate care using advanced treatments

At Atlantic General Hospital’s Endoscopy and Urology Center, its patients and the community come first. That was apparent when urologist Jason Smith, DO, answered Coastal Style’s first interview question for this profile.

“I would be remiss not to relay my hope that everyone reading this is healthy and safe in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. I also send those affected by this virus my sincere regards,” Dr. Smith said. “All of our efforts in healthcare have been focused on mitigating this terrible virus’s spread. That being said, we are still available to aid those suffering from urinary-related problems.” 

The experienced team of urologists at Atlantic General, which includes James Cherry, MD, and Sharon Weber, PA-C, provide comprehensive treatment and care for urinary tract conditions.

“There have been some exciting advancements in urology over the last several years,” Dr. Smith said. “For men, one of my favorite interventions is Urolift, which is a 15-minute outpatient procedure used for treatment of an enlarged prostate and aimed to improve urinary stream and decrease urgency and frequency.”

For women, there is a wide range of treatments for an overactive bladder, such as Botox; Sacral Neuromodulation, a very small device that can control the nerves that control the bladder; and Urgent PC, an acupuncture-type, office-based therapy.

“There are many options available,” Dr. Smith said. “We will find the one that works best for you.” 

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