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Dr. Faustino Macuha discusses type 2 diabetes

What are some early type 2 diabetes risk factors people might not be familiar with?
Individuals who are at high risk for developing diabetes should be screened while asymptomatic in order to prevent complications. They include: 45 years old and older; body mass index greater than 30; high blood pressure; and high cholesterol. These are some risk factors associated with diabetes, and screening procedures should be done for anyone who meets these criteria.

How important is early detection of this condition?
Early detection through screening measures is important, as early treatment and intervention can prevent the progression of the numerous complications of diabetes, such as blindness, kidney failure, heart attack and stroke.

What are the latest advancements in your field, and how are they benefiting locals?
Continuous glucose monitors, such as Freestyle Libre and Dexcom, have been gaining in popularity with our diabetes patients. They have been a game changer in how patients monitor and manage their sugar. A majority of new glucose monitors do not need a daily fingerstick to calibrate the meter, and they provide a good moment-to-moment picture of one’s blood sugar to help to determine the effects of various food types and activities. This new and exciting technology has been very helpful for patients.

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