A Rainbow Of Healing Potential

Color therapist Eleyne-Mari Sharp provides a primer on how to use multicolored sea glass as an instrument of wellness for the body, mind and soul

For all its timeless beauty and rich history, the miracle of sea glass can play an even more significant role in our lives. It can serve as a wondrous catalyst for a body-mind-soul connection that is highly conducive to inner peace. The first step to engaging this restorative renewal is to harvest your own personal collection of multicolored sea glass. Whether you comb the beach, walk into a shop or order online, gather sea glass in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, for each possesses unique properties that confer differentiated benefits.

Next, find yourself a beautiful, white-sand beach, either in reality or just within your own imagination. Settle into a comfortable, sedentary position, and with the sun directly overhead, allow its warm and brilliant rays to flow through your entire body. With the caw of seagulls around you and the languid waves lapping at your toes, produce your sea glass in the following sequence, holding each, one at a time, in the palm of your hand.

Red: Red gives you courage and helps you obtain your material needs. Stare into the sea glass and breathe in the color — imagining yourself becoming smaller and smaller, until the red sea glass surrounds you — and feel its intense power, warmth and energy. As you exhale, cast out any fears and doubts you have about yourself, your family and your life.

Orange: Orange is a joyful color. It makes you feel happy about your choices and your life and expels anything that may dampen your enthusiasm. Breathe in the color, and with it, happiness and joy. As you exhale, dismiss any bad habits or addictions that may impede the enjoyment of your life.

Yellow: Yellow confers self-confidence, no matter how many criticisms you receive. Breathe in the color, and as you do, accept the self-worth, knowledge and wisdom it carries. As you exhale, release the diffidence and concerns that may block your happiness.

Green: Embrace the green sea glass, as green is the color of harmony, balance and peace. When you are hurrying to meet deadlines, visualize the color green and restore your equanimity. Breathe in its peace, good health and forgiveness, then release the stored resentment, jealousy and sickness.

Blue: Blue offers creativity and communication, simultaneously helping you realize the truth about yourself and about others. As you inhale the color blue, allow yourself to be suffused by its truth and serenity. As you exhale, cast out dishonesty and stubbornness.

Indigo: The color of intuition, indigo is the inner voice that tells you to “go for it.” Trust your intuition and realize your full potential as a human being. As you inhale, take in wisdom and intuition. As you exhale, rid yourself of judgment and depression.

Violet: Violet is the color of spirit and faith. No matter how difficult your life may get, faith never lets you give up on yourself. As you breathe in the color, accept faith and gratitude; then, as you exhale, release the arrogance and negativity.

Editor’s note: Eleyne-Mari Sharp is a certified color therapist, spiritual aromatherapist and Lightworker Crystal Practitioner with over 20 years of study and experience in color therapy, aromatherapy and crystal therapy. She is the host of A Rainbow in the Clouds podcast and the author of Mad About Hue: A Memoir in Living Color and a contributor to Simply Color for
Everyday Living.