3BB Cafe

BEST AÇAI BOWLS — Sussex County

Photo by Pamela Aquilani

From gourmet drinks and teas to made-from-scratch baked goods and healthy items,
3BB Café has something for everyone, including a range of vegan and gluten-free options. In fact, 3BB Café introduced açai bowls to Bethany Beach, and now others are following suit. 

Located in the heart of the beach town, the female-owned business was started by two sisters, Brittany and Cassidy Baker, who grew up in the area. Many of the café’s team members have been there since it opened six years ago, climbing the ladder to managerial roles. The diverse team of 30 employees delivers the type of guest experience that makes 3BB Café a go-to dining spot in the community. It’s a gathering place for those who enjoy healthy, locally sourced beverages, smoothies and eats. The Bakers say they are proud to introduce fresh, nourishing menu items to Bethany Beach, particularly the wide selection of bowls the café offers. 

Seated, from left: Brittany Baker, Cassidy Baker & Katie Boyle
Standing, from left: Kim Inthilath, Scarlett Dunn, Ulyana Mikhalkova, Hannah Dunlap & Hannah Townsend

108 Garfield Parkway, Bethany Beach, DE 19930
302-539-7502 / 3BBcafe.com