Powerful Convictions

Tom Incontrera reflects on his past to provide motivation and inspiration to his fitness clients

Story by Olivia Minzola  |  Photo by Grant L. Gursky

Whether you’re looking to slim down for the summer, increase your strength, size, and muscular endurance or improve your athletic performance, Incontrera Strength & Conditioning is the perfect place for you.

Located in Rehoboth Beach, the fitness center offers a wide variety of services and programs for clients of all ages, including small-group fitness classes, personal and semiprivate training and online instruction.

Today, founder Tom Incontrera is the epitome of mental and physical strength. The 32-year-old never imagined that he would one day lead dozens of dedicated individuals from all over the Eastern Shore in their personal fitness journeys. In fact, in early 2017, Incontrera struggled to envision any kind of future for himself. He was completely consumed by a drug-and-alcohol addiction that had slowly, but surely, taken over his life.

“I had no idea what I was going to do with my life four years ago,” said Incontrera. “If people didn’t give me a chance or believe in me, there is no telling where I’d be right now.”

On March 12, Incontrera celebrated his fourth year of continuous sobriety. This milestone has led him to reflect on his past and each obstacle he has faced. Today, he wishes to share with others that “there is a solution, and you can recover and live a life beyond your wildest dreams.”

When the opportunity to open his very own fitness center presented itself, Incontrera could not have been more grateful. He was ready to make a change in his life and assist others who were looking to do the same. 

A major challenge Incontrera faced was having to rebuild his clientele. Many of his previous clients were training elsewhere or lived on the other side of town and were unable to travel to his new gym. He had to start from scratch. Luckily, he met many new, friendly faces who have been true supporters of his journey along the way.

Incontrera cherishes the bond he has established with each and every one of his clients and believes the most important part of fitness training is the relationship between the client and the trainer.

“As soon as you become a member at my gym, you become family. Everyone who comes here is like a brother or sister to me,” said Incontrera. “I try to overdeliver to all my clients by giving them more than what they signed up for. I try to be a mentor and positive influence in their lives so that they can come to me with any and all problems because they know I’ve been through it all.”

Incontrera’s dedication to his clientele has not gone unnoticed. For the past two years, he has won the honor of Best Personal Trainer in Sussex County by the readers of Coastal Style magazine. He is certain of his gym’s uniqueness and believes this quality stems from his promise to always put the individual first, above anything else.

Potential fitness partners are encouraged to stop by to witness Incontrera and his spirited clientele in action.

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