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Berlin artist Lynne Lockhart uses her love of animals and the Eastern Shore to create unique works of art for all to enjoy.

Written by Alison Pappas

Lynne Lockhart spent her childhood in Dorchester County, and like most successful artists, she started exploring art through drawing and painting at a young age. She graduated with dual degrees in biology and art from Salisbury University before settling down in Worcester County. 

Flash-forward to today, and Lynne has over three decades of experience as a full-time artist under her belt. Her work has been featured in several galleries and businesses throughout the country, including The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art in St. Petersburg, FL. She also has current displays in local galleries, such as The Greyhound in Berlin, Bishop’s Stock in Snow Hill and others.

“I don’t really specialize, but one of the things I really enjoy is painting animals, and I come from the tradition of animal artists,” shared Lynne.

Lockhart excels at capturing the spirit of her animal subjects in her paintings.

Lynne especially excels at capturing the spirit of the animals in her pieces using oil paint on wood panels. She is a member of the Society of Animal Artists, an international group with a highly selective, multistep acceptance process. The group has selected Lynne’s work for its traveling show every year for over 10 years. 

When painting animals – which range from dogs and lobsters to many other species – Lynne often incorporates settings that complement the Shore community, such as the beach or other coastal backdrops. 

While she has created many pieces that feature animals, Lynne’s diverse portfolio also includes a wide-ranging collection of other subjects including still lifes, children’s toys and much more.

“I usually start by working and sketching, and then I’ll play around with composition and color,” shared Lynne.

Typically, Lynne is working on three to five pieces at a time, and she recognizes the benefits of stepping away from her work temporarily and coming back to it with fresh eyes before considering it finished.

“I don’t wait for inspiration. It’s really the work itself that brings on the ideas,” shared Lynne.

Lynne is always welcoming to opportunities to learn and grow her craft by learning what other artists are doing. Over the years, she has attended workshops out west and down south, as well as locally, in Easton.

Lynne works in her own studio in Berlin. Although her studio is not open to the public, her work can be viewed on her website at, and she can arrange for interested individuals to view specific work in person should they request it. CS

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