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Local residents are reclaiming their lives thanks to the relationships they’ve established with the team of experts at Peninsula Plastic Surgery

Written By: Jonathan Westman | Photographer: GRANT L. GURSKY

Margo Roskovich is a vibrant, social woman who takes tremendous pride in her appearance — and it shows. Whether it’s spending time with her family, out with friends or at work, Margo looks and feels her best. One would never guess this dynamic grandmother, who calls herself The Selfie Queen for all of the pictures she posts to Facebook, is 77 years old.   

But there was a time when her self-esteem and zest for life were just the opposite. 

“I had gained some unwanted pounds over the years and decided that before my 70th birthday, I would lose weight,” Margo said. “After 18 months, I was 25 pounds lighter, and I reached my goal. You’d think I’d be happy. But I was left with substantial amounts of loose skin in my neck area and an overall haggard look. I was totally discouraged.” 

Margo’s family and close friends could see her despair, including Laurie Pearce, who works as the aesthetic coordinator at Peninsula Plastic Surgery (PPS) in Salisbury.

“Laurie knew how unhappy I was and encouraged me to talk with Dr. Perrotta about my concerns,” Margo said.  

Peninsula Plastic Surgery’s board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Vincent Perrotta and Dr. Christopher Pellegrino, are highly regarded for their expertise and credentials. They have performed a wide spectrum of cosmetic and medical surgery procedures, including thousands of breast augmentations, facelifts and tummy tucks. The practice’s all-encompassing list of services includes hand surgery, scar revisions, breast reductions, breast lifts and reconstructions, as well as liposuction and body contouring. While each patient’s needs are unique, they all have one important thing in common — a one-on-one consultation with Drs. Perrotta or Pellegrino before any procedure occurs. 

“It’s vital that we first establish a relationship with the patient to understand their desires and concerns,” Dr. Perrotta said. “We feel that if someone is going to trust themselves to our care, they need to be secure that we are totally here for them — from the initial consultation, through the procedure itself and afterward — and that means establishing a solid relationship between them and this practice from the outset.”

“Dr. Perrotta took the time to listen to all of my concerns — no matter how large or small,” Margo said. “One such example were my lips. I love wearing red lipstick but noticed crease lines springing up in my upper and lower lip lines. I would apply lipstick, and it would run right into all of those creases.
It was very frustrating and really upset me.” 

Dr. Perrotta informed Margo how a skin-resurfacing procedure using a CO2 laser could eliminate those creases and help her skin look rejuvenated and tighter.

“When the laser is used for facial resurfacing, especially for deep lines around the mouth, the results are profound,” Dr. Perrotta said. “The CO2 laser can yield results that no other laser can come close to providing patients. Treatment benefits can be seen within a few weeks following the procedure and last for years. The laser can also treat the neck, to tighten and improve the texture of the skin.”  

Margo felt completely at ease after their in-depth conversation and agreed to a total facelift, brow lift, lower-eyelid lift and CO2 laser treatment. Her enhancements were performed during one procedure at the practice’s Center for Aesthetic Surgery, a 1,600 sq. ft. ultra-modern, nationally accredited surgery center under the same roof as Peninsula Plastic Surgery’s Salisbury location that not only streamlines and facilitates procedures, it also delivers patient privacy and individualized care and comfort. 

“I was so ready for a new lease on life. I wanted to look how I felt inside — more youthful and refreshed,” Margo said. 

Today, Margo is as active as ever and works six nights a week for her son, Pete, as a hostess at his popular restaurant, Adam’s House of Ribs. To say she was pleased with the results would be an understatement, and she tells everyone who compliments her youthful appearance to consider making a consultation appointment at PPS. 

“I see lots of people through work or socially who knew me before my procedure and who see me now and say, ‘Wow! You keep getting younger!’ and ‘I’d like to do something like that, but I’m too old,’” Margo said. “My reply is: ‘You’re alive, so now is the time. You may not need everything I had done. Start with a consultation and make the decision based upon what’s in your best interests.’

“I am still in awe when I look in the mirror and see my reflection,” Margo continued. “The transformation blows me away. I would shout it from the rooftops if I could. I look at my surgery date as the day I was born again. That’s when I became the me I had remembered and missed.”

Linda Bergey-Amos also sought the expertise of Peninsula Plastic Surgery to help her look more like the youthful, energetic person she knew she was inside. The backup singer in her husband’s band, Linda said contacting Dr. Pellegrino and the PPS team was one the best decisions she’s ever made.

“Turning 65 is a milestone, but I did not feel like I was 65 — I felt more like 35,” Linda said. “Unfortunately, the way you feel and the way you look aren’t always on the same page.”

After their consultation, Dr. Pellegrino recommended a mini-facelift for Linda. “The mini-facelift offers less scarring, less pain and shorter recovery than the traditional facelift says Dr. Pellegrino.  Patients really like the improvement it offers and the benefits are apparent almost right away.” 

“I loved that the procedure was done in their onsite surgery center,” Linda said. “It was performed on schedule, and my recovery was a piece of cake. There are no drastic changes with my facial features — just a new look that coincides with the way I feel. I’m energized both mentally and physically.”

Sandy Johnson first became a patient of Peninsula Plastic Surgery in 2005 because she wanted to create a relationship with a local practice to assist her in aging gracefully. This was also important professionally to Sandy, who plays the famous “Lady Sunshine” in shows for children of all ages at Ocean City’s Castle in the Sand Hotel. 

“I have performed for over 35 years, and my face is an important part of the job,” Sandy said. “Expressions are a way of communication, and wrinkles, spots, lines and sagging are elements when you want to face-paint a monster or evil villain. I simply cannot have them. Honestly, without the support of PPS, I don’t believe the phone would still be ringing for gigs. 

My goal is to create family memories when I am performing and to do this for many more years to come. It certainly would not happen without the skill and knowledge of Peninsula Plastic Surgery.” 

Dr. Perrotta performed a lower facelift for Sandy, and she faithfully maintains a skincare treatment regimen at PPS, while also watching for the practice’s specials for other potential services.

“I have my car and house maintained, why would I not do the same for my face?” Sandy asked rhetorically. 

“All these years later, I still listen to their staff and put my trust and hard-earned dollars in their hands,” Sandy continued. “Sometimes they see a solution to a problem that is far less invasive than I thought. They show me a better way. I feel like they are my friends, assisting me to find the right path that’s best for my well-being and budget. It is never a sales job.”

Continue Looking Your Best

The team at Peninsula Plastic Surgery and their award-winning aestheticians at their newly expanded Renaissance Med Spa pride themselves on giving each client their best skin possible. Whether clients opt for a surgical approach or less invasive treatment, maintenance is key to achieving the best possible results. From skincare regimens to pre- and post-care, the aestheticians, providers Dr. Perrotta, Dr. Pellegrino and Nurse Practitioner Kerri Holloway work together as a team
to give each client their ideal treatment plan.  

Many PPS patients choose to enhance their surgical or laser-therapy results by adding injectibles and fillers to their treatment plan. Injectibles such as Botox and Dysport are popular among both women and men to treat crow’s-feet, furrows in the forehead and wrinkles on the face. Fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane can be used to restore lost volume to the cheeks, rejuvenate the hands and to enhance the lips. Rather than overcorrect a patient’s concerns with injectibles, their Board Certified Plastic Surgeons have the training and expertise needed to recommend surgery, such as a facelift, neck lift or brow lift, in order to achieve the look each patient desires while maintaining a natural appearance. 

Although the main location of Peninsula Plastic Surgery is in Salisbury, their office in Millsboro offers the same state-of-the-art services to beach-area residents of Maryland and Delaware. Providers are available for consultations in both locations five days a week and invite you to join them at their newly expanded Renaissance Med Spa grand opening on October 25 at 5 p.m.



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