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The experts at Eastern Shore Porch & Patio of Selbyville have no limitations manufacturing and installing some of the area’s most attractive, functional and durable porches, fences, railings and more

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: GRANT L. GURSKY

In key ways, the porch, patio, fences, railings and decks, are to the final look of the house what that perfect tie is to that great suit. They are the finishing touches, the cherry on the sundae, the capstones that bring everything else together for the look you always dreamed of when you’d first conceived the home you would create for your family.

Bob Douglas of Eastern Shore Porch & Patio knew this when he launched his business back in 1992. That’s why he assembled the most talented staff and uses only industry-leading materials in the crafting of state-of-the-art appurtenances that consistency enhance the form, function and enjoyment factor of every home his company works on.

Douglas launched Eastern Shore Porch & Patio from scratch, under the most modest of circumstances. “I started the business about 25 years ago, literally from my mother’s garage,” Douglas shared. “From the time I was a kid, I was always a go-getter. I guess you could say I only have one gear: full speed ahead. I’m really not big on idle time.”

Back then, he built his company’s momentum installing EZ Breeze porch enclosures all across the Eastern Shore, a service he continues to provide today. By the new millennium, he had expanded the operation to include fencing, essentially establishing his company as the regional go-to source for all things fencing both residentially and commercially.

These are not just any fences, though. All of Eastern Shore Porch & Patio’s fences — as well as it railings, pergolas, shower enclosures, trellises, landscape accents and other vinyl systems — are fabricated on-site in its 20,000 sq. ft. office/production complex in Selbyville, using 100% virgin vinyl guaranteed not to crack, fade or peel. The fences include aluminum reinforcement on the bottom rails (the same is true of its railings, which also include top-rail aluminum reinforcement), and, unlike big-box competitors, ESP&P doesn’t glue the pickets to the face of the rail or mount them to the posts. Instead, the pickets go through the rail and are routed into the posts, for far superior structural integrity and durability. Further, aluminum fences are powder coated to last even longer, while their wood fences are fabricated with western red cedar, to increase their lifespan while retaining a natural look and feel.

Meanwhile, the PVC and composite materials Eastern Shore Porch & Patio employs have taken the residential deck to a whole new level both structurally and aesthetically. ESP&P uses materials from Rhinodeck and Geodeck, with hidden fasteners to create a custom-crafted product that can endure the variable and sometimes severe weather conditions of the Eastern Shore. The same meticulous standards are also applied to every enclosure and screen room ESP&P does, seamlessly integrating them as though they were part of the original structure.

“Some folks underestimate the value of getting the fencing, railing and decks done right the first time,” Douglas said. “They opt for quick and cheap alternatives — and that usually doesn’t turn out well in the long run. They wind up either looking bad, not lasting or both. But these appurtenances matter, to the point that they wind up affecting the overall value of your home’s market value. It’s really not the area to go bargain-basement on.”

“We could not be happier with Eastern Shore Porch and Patio,” said customer Lynn Cattafi. “We needed privacy from our busy road, but we had grading that made the fencing a challenge, and I wanted it to look beautiful. They custom-made the gates to match the grading, and the quality is really top-notch. The price was significantly lower than Lowe’s or anyone else we priced. They were on time, true to quote and provided excellent customer service. We recommend them very highly.”

Big into the whole DIY thing? That’s what Eastern Shore Vinyl Products is for. The sister company of Eastern Shore Porch & Patio, Eastern Shore Vinyl Products is the wholesale/retail division that operates out of the same three-acre complex in Selbyville, where you can get completely custom fabrication and purchase all the materials you need. “Having everything together under one roof allows us to maintain two great companies while providing one great experience,” said Mike Phoebus, director of operations for ESVP.

Though Eastern Shore Porch & Patio continues their longstanding collaboration with such elite regional homebuilders as Schell Brothers, Ryan Homes and Lennar, Douglas emphasized that ESP&P views no job and no customer as too small. On the contrary, Douglas reports that their private residential work has been an especially robust growth market for the company in recent years. “That’s why I employ at least 35 people year-round,” said Douglas, “so that we’re prepared to handle any kind of job at any time.”


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