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The Palette Restaurant plates citrus marinated scallops wrapped in proscuitto to complement a pleasant Prosecco DOC from Le Vigne di Alice for this issue’s pairing

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All “foodies” have one thing in common – they are always on the lookout for an amazing dining experience – whether it’s in a restaurant, in their own homes or at a friend’s dinner party. Unforgettable flavors have become the drug of the rational folk – and fabulous wine and food pairings offer a high left lingering on the palette for days.

Achieving this level of dining ecstasy is the primary goal of Chef Eric “Moose” Waidner at The Palette Restaurant in historic Snow Hill. “My favorite thing is to see our guests enjoy multiple kinds of wines with their meals and really make it a dining event,” he said. And a dining event is exactly what he and PortoVino eno-envoy Paul Cullen have embarked upon with this issue’s fine pairing feature.

Moose prepared citrus marinated scallops wrapped in proscuitto and served with chimichurri (an Argentinean sauce Moose makes with a parsley leaf, peeled garlic cloves, minced onion, dried oregano, hot pepper flakes, fresh lemon juice, kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, extra virgin olive oil and water) to go with the sustainable Prosecco that Paul selected this time around – from Le Vigne di Alice. The style of Prosecco at Alice leans more toward the elegant and dry side – so, when tasting, you get a mix of apple acidity along with hints of pear.  

Moose chose the scallops for their texture and incorporated proscuitto for salt. He felt that the fresh herbs in the chimichurri and the tang of citrus in the marinade would balance the acidity in the wine. But this is just one suggestion. The crew at The Palette has several other options on their menu that would complement this wine as well – their salads to name a few. “Most of our salads have some citrus components to the dressing, and if you add shrimp or scallops to the salad it would just shine,” said Raye Gillette-Whaley, owner of The Palette. And, an important bit of information is that The Palette is known for using local ingredients – true flavor is their priority.
Renowned for its fun and elegance, this sparkling wine provides a great way to start off impromptu get-togethers, and it’s also a safe choice for entertaining at home. “It would be hard to cook something that this wouldn’t pair well with - it’s just a fun and easy wine to play with,” agreed Gillette-Whaley. “Don’t be afraid to mix it up,” she continued, when asked to give our readers a tip on pairing food and wine at home. “Wine is so much more complex than the old stand-by rule of reds with beef and whites with seafood. The kinds of sauce, dressings and chutneys that you use are far more determining of the wine choice than the protein in most cases.”
So, whether you make a trip to Snow Hill to see what dish of the day Moose has created for this wine or pick some up to pair with one of your favorite recipes – be sure to enjoy the fun nature of this wine. Feel confident in your pairing and embrace the adventure of teaming this Prosecco with your favorite flavors. Cheers!  

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