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Montgomery Financial Services is dedicated to long-term strategies of success for its clients

Written By: Jonathan Westman | Photographer: GRANT L. GURSKY

With years of financial management experience to his credit, Jeff Montgomery has seen his fair share of market adjustments. As the founder and principal of Montgomery Financial Services (MFS), he understands how fluctuations in the stock market can negatively affect a client’s state of mind, emotions and desire to remain committed to their long-term investment plans. He likens these occasions to one any frequent flyer can relate to. 

“If you’ve ever been on a flight and experienced turbulence, it can be quite nerve-racking and unsettling. As a passenger, you’d like for it to stop immediately, but you need to ride it out,” Montgomery said. “Now think about the flight attendants. They’re calm. They do not panic. I like to compare this experience to our jobs as financial advisors at MFS. When the market experiences turbulence, some clients may want to sell immediately, to end the negative experience. They’re panicked and want the ride to end instantly. But we’re calmly and firmly in control of their investment plan for the long haul.”

Montgomery, whose firm represents more than 225 clients, is passionate about helping people achieve higher levels of wealth and peace of mind while eliminating the unnecessary confusion and anxiety that commonly occurred through their experiences with other companies. Montgomery accomplishes this by engaging his clients in a disciplined process necessary for a lifetime of investing success — a core philosophy entrenched in education, coaching and dedicated, long-term investing. To Jeff and his team, this can effectively be accomplished by building a diversified portfolio, never trying to predict the market, remaining disciplined and rebalancing portfolios designed and engineered to capture market rates of return. Montgomery Financial Services’ investment strategy is a synthesis of three academic principles based on Nobel Prize-winning research in the field of economics: Efficient Market Theory, Modern Portfolio Theory and the Three-Factor Model.

“It is impossible to consistently predict the gains and losses of the market,” Jeff said. “While someone may get lucky with a certain stock here and there, their long-term probability for stable and secure growth is virtually nonexistent. There is academic evidence, however, that demonstrates if you engineer a diversified portfolio and capture the market rate of return, remain disciplined and rebalance your portfolio, this will provide you the best chance for success over time.”

Integrity, coaching and education are the core principles on which Jeff has built his business — and he is one of the Shore’s foremost authorities in the classroom. Montgomery teaches a “Rescue Retirement” class at Delaware Technical College and social-security seminars across the Peninsula. Educating his clients is so important to Jeff that he built a state-of-the-art classroom inside his office headquarters in Ocean Pines. Capable of hosting 40 clients per session, Jeff and his advisory team utilizes this learning space every two months — offering his clients invaluable knowledge relating to their investment strategies and pertinent financial topics of the day.
“As a client, you don’t have to know everything about investing; you just have to know the right things,” Jeff said. “People, in general, have the tendency to make poor money-management decisions based upon raw emotion and panic. These decisions most often lead to the destruction of their portfolios. This is why education is so important. It important for us to reinforce their strategic, long-term goals with our clients consistently. This helps to prepare them in the event of a downturn in the market.

“I don’t know of anyone in our area that teaches clients to the extent that we do,” Montgomery continued. “And as an added benefit, it brings our clients together as a group and has created senses of community and involvement among us. Some have become friends and interact outside of the office, too.”

Montgomery Financial Services is a fee-based advisory firm that works primarily with individuals over the age of 40, including “busy boomers,” women, young professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners, to help them grow, protect and distribute their financial assets. This means that MFS is not compensated through commissions, trades or moving money to various accounts of the investor. Rather, they operate on a flat fee-based system that aligns the advisor/coach with the client through their like objectives and investment philosophies.

Jeff’s dedicated team of financial advisors, licensed insurance agents and professional support staff includes director of operations Joani Gursky, associate advisor Nicholas Craven, associate advisor Edward Loftice, regional director Edward Scott and marketing manager Merrie McElrath, who work collectively and comprehensively together to meet their clients’ needs.

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