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Procino-Wells & Woodland, LLC, pride themselves as being more than a talented team of professionals — they are a family. That bond extends to the firm’s clients and loved ones across the Eastern Shore

Michele Procino-Wells has a personal stake in how families across the Eastern Shore care for their elderly relatives.

Family is the inspiration behind the work that makes Procino-Wells & Woodland, LLC, one of the area’s most unique and promising firms. Procino-Wells and fellow attorneys Amber B. Woodland and Leslie Case DiPietro have expanded the 14-year-old practice across state lines, from the original location in Seaford to newer offices in Lewes and Berlin, by focusing exclusively on elder law and estate planning.

“We’ve seen such a huge need in our community for the kind of work we do,” said Procino-Wells, 49, the most experienced (23 years) of the three passionate attorneys with a combined 44 years of legal experience. Procino-Wells opened the firm in 2005, but its singular purpose grew clear in 2010 as she hurried back to the office one day to tell Woodland what she discovered at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital.

Procino-Wells learned about the projected growth and net worth of the area’s elderly population moving forward during a presentation at the Seaford hospital, where she serves as a board member. “I immediately started thinking about this kind of planning for my own parents,” said Procino-Wells, which laid the foundation for a firm specializing in elder law, estate planning, asset protection planning from the costs of long-term care, estate and trust administration, guardianship for disabled persons and planning for persons with special needs.

Procino-Wells watched her parents work too hard for too long to build their family plating business to imagine that they could exhaust the fruits of their labor by paying for long-term care in the future, and they are not alone in facing that potentially overwhelming concern.

“Family is really important to me, to all of us,” Procino-Wells said. 

“Whether it’s being able to plan for their estate and what will happen if they become incapacitated, or upon their death, we love it because we can jump in at a very stressful time for families and ease their stress by sheltering some of their assets and creating a plan for the future years of their loved one’s life.”

DiPietro, 39, calls her three years with the firm “one of those life-changing experiences,” because of a team approach that’s both fulfilling and productive. Woodland, 32, a former summer law clerk at the firm who became an associate in 2010 and partner four years later, has cherished the positive impact this trio of attorneys and their 14 team members has made with Eastern Shore families.

“We’re providing incredible service to our families,” Woodland said. “We’re really proud of what we’ve been able to do together.”

Now, the nearly all-female team at Procino-Wells & Woodland, LLC, looks to a bright future with confidence.

Earlier this year, Procino-Wells and Woodland joined DiPietro in being licensed in Delaware and Maryland by passing Maryland’s bar exam, which coincided with the opening of the firm’s Berlin office. They expect to open a new permanent location in Lewes next year. The firm also hired four new team members this past year. 

“It requires a team to provide the level of service that we provide,” DiPietro said. “We are very much a team in everything we do. The fact that the three of us are licensed in both states allows us to be really fluid as we serve clients and families in both states.”

Woodland said adding new team members would help handle the volume of work at a top-quality level.

“It’s exciting to us that we can still grow and offer opportunity to new members,” Woodland said. “We certainly don’t have a crystal ball to know what that looks like. But I think we could all envision a few more team members, to support what we currently have in place.”

They would have to be the right people, though, because Procino-Wells & Woodland, LLC, is more than a team. It’s a family. Families they represent depend on their equally personal and professional approach, because they would expect the same service for their families.

“We really want to love the people we work with every day,” Procino-Wells said. “That lends itself to our whole-team approach and how we’re trying to treat our clients. We want to come to work every day and love what we do. That in turn transfers over to our clients.”

Procino-Wells & Woodland, LLC

Attorneys: Michele Procino-Wells (23 years), Amber B. Woodland (8 years), Leslie Case DiPietro (14 years)

Area of practice: Elder law, estate planning, asset protection planning from the costs of long-term care, estate and trust administration, guardianship for disabled persons and planning for persons with special needs.

Seaford office
225 High Street  •  302-628-4140

Lewes office*
17252 North Village Main Blvd., Unit 16
* Planning move to new Savannah Road location in 2019

Berlin office
616 William Street  •  443-513-4740


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